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  • Maxi Mac River Boat Plans PDF

    Maxi Mac River Boat Plans PDF

    In you prefer printed plans, click HERE a cartopper if you don't want the hassle of a trailer The Maxi Mac is a slightly enlarged version of the solo Mini Mac drift boat. The Max boat is only 18 inches longer than the Mini but the increased width and...
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  • 57' Avoncliff Wide Beam Barge Plans

    57' Avoncliff Wide Beam Barge Plans

    These plans are for the steelwork only of a 17.45m (57') wide beam barge. The plan set consists of 6 drawings covering Hull Construction, Hull Construction Details, Deck/cabin Construction, Deck/cabin construction details, Hull panel shapes and Rudder...
    $47.00 - $405.00
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  • Mouse Grande Plans PDF

    Mouse Grande Plans PDF

      “Mouse Grande” is the last of the mouse family. As the name implies she is the biggest with most internal volume. Large cockpit with two small flotation chambers/storage compartments at both ends. Preference was given to...
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  • 45' Teign Motor Barge Plans

    45' Teign Motor Barge Plans

    One of our clients wanted to match the advantages of strip planking with an easily built but attractive motor barge hull. In stead of using a slab sided hull seen on so many modern steel barges, we have been able to use the ability of strip planking to...
    $47.00 - $608.00
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  • 16' River Lapwing Catboat Plans

    16' River Lapwing Catboat Plans

    This is a curvaceous and neat example of the traditional American catboat. She has been designed to give maximum usability and space in a 16' long package. There is plenty of room for storage and to fit the batteries for an electric drive pod. The...
    $27.00 - $216.00
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  • Penguin Printed Plans

    Penguin Printed Plans

    For a study plan download for Penguin, click HERE For Penguin Plans digital download, click HERE I have only rarely been tempted to enter the design competitions run by magazines, of the two occasions I have gone to the trouble of producing the very...
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  • 1SHEET+ Plans PDF

    1SHEET+ Plans PDF

    The idea is not new, but the opportunity to build a small boat from 1 sheet of plywood is always intriguing. In this case, I wanted something that was, in this order, stable, easy to row or paddle, low cost, looked like a boat, and would accept a...
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  • Power 1 Plans

    Power 1 Plans

    16'x5'6" ply motor launch of ultra simple construction using pre-shaped ply hull panels, frames and transom. The chine joints are completed with epoxy resin fillets and tape making construction quick. A weekend's work will see the hull panels marked out,...
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  • 8' Skiffle Junior Motor Boat Plans

    8' Skiffle Junior Motor Boat Plans

    The 8' Skiffle is a simple motor boat designed for children to use although she can accommodate a small adult. The hull uses a flat bottom panel with single bilge and side panels and uses simple stitch & tape methods in her construction. She can take...
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  • 25'6" Snow Bunting Plans

    25'6" Snow Bunting Plans

    Snow Bunting is a river and estuary launch based upon the LIFU model hull with it's long waterline length and fairly full and buoyant ends. She has been designed for a client in Canada who wanted a seaworthy and trailable open launch. Full construction...
    $41.00 - $540.00
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  • Rogue Printed Plans

    Rogue Printed Plans

    For Rogue Plans Digital Download, click HERE Many designs start as an idea brewing away in the back of my mind, and are only brought to the fore when a prospective client enquiries for something that fits the idea. Rogue was one of these, I'd been...
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  • Mandolino Cruise Plans

    Mandolino Cruise Plans

    Lenght 7.43mDesigner: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo CostaRound hull, Strip-Planking constructionBuilding Skills: expertIn my book on traditional Italian boats, I had published a drawing which had been kindly given to me by Sergio Spina, a keen, skilled...
    $16.00 - $412.00
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  • Power 225 Motor Cruiser Plans

    Power 225 Motor Cruiser Plans

    The Power 225 is based upon the "U" shaped hull section of our Power series of motor boats. At present we have the hull panel, frame shapes and construction details for an aluminium version of this boat - accommodation and fit-out details are not...
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  • Tenten 425 V2 Plans PDF

    Tenten 425 V2 Plans PDF

    NOTE: The Version 2 of the Tenten 425 are similar to the original, but with a real roof.A pocket cruiser for two, larger version of the Tenten 305/10, another Jester inspiration.   This evolution in a bigger size allows much more room and comfort in...
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  • 26' Ijssel Launch Plans

    26' Ijssel Launch Plans

    It had to happen of course - having designed 21' and 30' Ijssel launches, someone would want something in between and here it is. The hull is very much of the Ijssel high volume stable model with plenty of space for whatever internal arrangement you need...
    $34.00 - $385.00
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  • Mouse Free Plans

    Mouse Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Mouse started life as a one-sheeter, that is, an exercise to develop the smallest, cheapest possible boat. As a result, it's not a boat to which you can safely trust your life in any sort of waves - as...
  • Highlander 16 Plans

    Highlander 16 Plans

    The Highlander 16' dayboat was designed for a New Zealand client who wanted a rugged camping dinghy/dayboat for use around North Island. She retains the easy riding 'U' shape of the other Highlanders forward but departs from their shape in having a...
    $27.00 - $216.00
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  • Petrel 13' Catboat Plans

    Petrel 13' Catboat Plans

    13’x 6’x 8‘‘(2’9’’ with board down). A miniature cat boat of traditional design given modern construction techniques. Using the stitch and tape method with pre-shaped ply hull panels weight, cost and building...
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  • Sportdory Plans PDF

    Sportdory Plans PDF

    Sportdory is an attempt to improve upon the Bolger/Payson dory I built about 15 years ago. This boat is slightly smaller than my old dory. In particular the bow is lower in hopes of cutting windage. the stern is mostly similar. The center cross section...
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  • Truant Printed Plans

    Truant Printed Plans

    Click HERE for Truant study plans. Click HERE for Full Truant Plans Digital Download. It took 36 hours to travel from home in Rotorua to the tiny coastal town of Brooklin, Maine (USA) where WoodenBoat magazine has its amazing office. I don't sleep...
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  • Strike 18 Main Hull Plans Download

    Strike 18 Main Hull Plans Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Click HERE to download Free Study Plans The 18ft STRIKE is a trimaran design that uses a 16ft beach cat as the outriggers/amas and rig. The main hull is plywood and has a dory shape that is extremely easy to build. The...
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  • Mylor 27' Strip Planked Fishing Boat Plans

    Mylor 27' Strip Planked Fishing Boat Plans

    A 27' Fishing Boat for Mr. J. Clarke - this is a high volume strip planked fishing boat of modern proportions - the drawings are for the hull construction only - the mould shapes are computer faired and her tough hull uses 2 layers of strip plank which...
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  • Myst Printed Plans

    Myst Printed Plans

    for instant download - click HEREdownload free study plans HERE MYST: Building plans consist of 27 pages of written text and 11 sheets of computer-generated drawings, including full-size patterns for all major structural components...
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  • Shore Bird Plans PDF

    Shore Bird Plans PDF

    "SHORE BIRD" - 14' Flat-bottom outboard skiff, wood. Here's a little "Grain Belt Yacht", in the words of the designer, for those lazy fishing days with a beer, out for sunnies or perch. As easy to build as bailing a hook, she features a built-in live...
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  • Thalas 13 Plans

    Thalas 13 Plans

    The THALAS 13' project was inspired by Whitehall, the most classical and elegant American row boat of the XIX century, but obviously, it is a very different boat both for hull lines - which have been modified to facilitate construction - and for its...
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  • 55' Plywood Motor Yacht Plans

    55' Plywood Motor Yacht Plans

    These drawings show the construction details for the plywood hull only of a 55' x 15' (16.78m x 4.58m) single chine (with spray rail) 'V' bottomed motor yacht capable of speeds up to 25 or more knots. Full details including computer generated and...
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  • 35' Steel Motor Yacht Plans

    35' Steel Motor Yacht Plans

    Similar to the 55 footer below, we have details for the construction of a 35' steel motor yacht hull. The plans include the steel work drawings for the hull and engine beads and the computer generated hull panel shapes. She has a beam of 11'6" (3.5m)...
    $4.10 - $270.00
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  • Little Bretton Free Plans

    Little Bretton Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE The idea for this pram came to me as I sat in the shade beside the dock of a small Breton port in late summer. A small boy not much older than my six-year-old son was playing in a round-bilged little...
  • Pram 220 Plans

    Pram 220 Plans

    Designed for a boat owner who wanted to fit his eight meter "yacht" with a rigid tender, the PRAM 220 has the minimum dimensions to be used safely for this type of task, maintaining at the same time a boat appearance and not that of a floating box...
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  • 32' X 10' Motor Barge Plans

    32' X 10' Motor Barge Plans

    This is a shortened version of the 45' Teign Motor Barge and has the same flat bottom panel for maximum capacity and ease of construction. We have the plans for the hull construction in, strip plank, plywood and steel. Also note that we have now added...
    $47.00 - $473.00
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  • Waterman 12 Plans

    Waterman 12 Plans

    This is a new design for 2001 - we were asked to reduce the length of the Waterman 13 by a foot so that she could be made in 2 boltable halves and fitted into the back of a van for transporting to the water. She was also to be the client's first venture...
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  • Whistler Plans PDF

    Whistler Plans PDF

    "WHISTLER" - A little 15' 9" runabout, light enough to go on a trailer with ease. Beam is 5' 6", draft is 15'/2" under the propeller tip. Simple-to-build strip construction makes her fast and inexpensive. Speeds to 22 knots with the Brennan Imp or...
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  • 12' San Francisco Bay Pelican Plans PDF

    12' San Francisco Bay Pelican Plans PDF

    A sailing dory-pram For printed plans click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation SAN FRANCISCO PELICAN 12’ is a unique centerboarder, combining the lines of the famous Banks fishing dory with the...
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  • Caprice Plans PDF

    Caprice Plans PDF

    BACKGROUND...About 15 years ago I built a Payson Canoe and used it for several years before selling it. I replaced it about 10 years ago with my Toto double paddle canoe. Toto has the same multichine cross section as the Payson Canoe but I tried for a...
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  • Souriceau Full Plans

    Souriceau Full Plans

    A small, simple, seaworthy microcruiser For Souriceau Study Plans, click HERE There are 3 versions of this boat: -1- Standard rig / Retractable vertical keel -2- Furling rig / Retractable vertical keel -3- Furling rig / Bilge keel Comments about...
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  • 15' Hazel Guide Bateau Plans

    15' Hazel Guide Bateau Plans

    Based upon the American Adironack guide boat, this craft combines traditional lapstrake (clinker) construction with modern materials. The bottom is a flat piece of 3/8’’ ply slightly rockered fore and aft and the five strakes are of...
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  • 15' Mandarin Rowing Skiff Plans

    15' Mandarin Rowing Skiff Plans

    This design is a 15' version of the 17 footer - the beam is the same at 45" and she has a single traditional oarlock. She uses just 5 sheets of 4, 5 or 6mm plywood and the plans give details so that she can be made in 2 halves split at the centre seat...
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  • Dawn Treader Plans PDF

    Dawn Treader Plans PDF

    #246 was designed for Ken Handman in 1982. Joe had designed the Millennium Falcon (MF), No. 236 (25' x 4') 3 or 4 men, for Handman in 1981. MF won the 32 n.m. ocean rowing race to Santa Catalina in 1981 & 1982. This is a sleek one man rowing shell...
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  • Wildcat Free Plans

    Wildcat Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Respected boat designer John Welsford challenged me with this brief: 'The kids, 9 and 11 had been hounding their dad (a fairly handy guy with tools) for a boat of their own for ages. The family's 30...
  • 15' 3" OAHE Plans PDF

    15' 3" OAHE Plans PDF

    Specifications LOA: 15ft 3" Beam: 70" Transom Width: 66" Transom Height: keel to motor mount 20" Weight: (+/-) 50lbs 500lbs Maximum Outboard: (LS) 35hp Maximum Capacity: 850lbs Maximum Persons: 3@200lb/each   This hull design is...
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  • Scram Pram Plans PDF

    Scram Pram Plans PDF

    Scram Pram is an interesting boat that I designed for Wil Gordon of Houston a few years ago. He built the prototype shown above, including making that multicolored sail. Wil had owned some production pocket cruisers and had sailed in Karl James' Jewelbox...
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  • Plurt Plans PDF

    Plurt Plans PDF

    The Plurt is a 5 m dia. lightweight insulated yurt you can build yourself from easy to find materials. It is lightweight and quick to assemble on any flat surface. None of the panels weigh more than 20 kilos or are longer than 2.5 m making the...
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  • Hart 27 Motor Sailer Plans

    Hart 27 Motor Sailer Plans

    I was commissioned to design a GRP family motor sailer with the emphasis on getting the most comfortable "package" into 27' LOD. The design has centre raised deckhouse which houses the galley and dinette with interior steering position...
    $34.00 - $466.00
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  • Surf 8 Plans

    Surf 8 Plans

    The design for the Surf 8 started with the need for a small dinghy that would have pretensions to be a small multi role dayboat - an excellent sailing craft, motor boat and still be easily car toppable. Taking the Skylark...
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  • 18'6" Ocean Crossing Kayak Plans

    18'6" Ocean Crossing Kayak Plans

    The Ocean Crossing Kayak is the first stage in an experimental project - some ocean going kayaks are quite large with volume to carry extensive stores and are made from exotic materials to keep weight down - some have 'castles' at bow and stern so that...
    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • Baby Baggie Plans

    Baby Baggie Plans

    Designer: Paolo LodigianiStrip-Planking constructionDiecipiedi Class The premises of the BABY BAGGIE are completely different from those of the Tenfooters with a chine hull which we propose in the catalogue: with the BABY BAGGIE, cheapness and simplicity...
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  • Portable Shooting Bench Plans PDF

    Portable Shooting Bench Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 4 pages of written instructions on 8.5" x 11" pages plus an 18" x 24" drawing. The printed version is black and white. The PDF file for instant download has color photographs. To save $10 and postage costs choose...
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  • April Love Plans PDF

    April Love Plans PDF

    Hello Chuck,In the near future you will receive from PAUL AUSTIN an article regarding a boat I designed around his current needs. It is called APRIL LOVE, after his Daughter, and is composed of 4 modules which bolt together to form a complete hull. The...
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  • Hartford 18' Plywood Skiff Plans

    Hartford 18' Plywood Skiff Plans

    The Hartford 18' skiff was drawn up for the Great River Race and to take a crew of 4 - a cox, 2 oarsmen plus a passenger who could take a turn at rowing. She has 5 planks per side and is built using the stitch and tape method for the shortest...
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  • Naiade Plans

    Naiade Plans

    Length 5.35mDesigner: Paolo LodigianiChine hull, Stitch & Glue constructionBuilding Skills: amateurThe NAIADE is a two seat NINFA and has similar characteristics. It is not a real double sea kayak, as this would require an extra meter, as well as...
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