25' Sandolo

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The Sandolo is a traditional flat bottomed rowing boat used in Venice and the Venetian Lagoon and unlike the Gondola is, like most craft, symmetrical about it's centerline. In fact it is of a simple flat bottomed, single chine shape with flared topsides and long overhangs. Like the Gondola it has a pointed and decorated metal nose (ferro) but does not usually have any seats or benches. Passengers tend to sit on cushions on the floor boards or on low seats.

Despite it's 25' length, these boats normally only carry 2 passengers plus the oarsman although you can get 2 more passengers sitting towards the bows.

Construction in the traditional boats is very simple using solid wood boards for the bottom and sides often without a chine log (stringer) and a large number of simple frames. We have been asked to update the construction a little for longevity but in such a way that the interior looks traditional. So, we have gone for plywood hull panels using the stitch and epoxy method of construction. The builder can use just 5 frames or, add others to make the interior look authentic.

The Sandolo family is quite wide with some used for fishing, others for racing and even the police had their own variant - most are now used for pleasure. Each variant has different proportions and so the plans show two variants (Mark 1 and Mark 2) - the first with an overall beam of 4'3" (1.30m) and 1' 6 1/4" (0.46m) mid hull depth and quite a lot of rocker to the hull shape and a displacement volume of around 1100lbs (500kg) and the second with an overall beam of 4' 9 1/2" (1.46m), 1' 7 3/4" (500mm) mid hull depth and less rocker to the bottom which increases the displacement volume to 1450 lbs (660kg) and therefore more carrying capacity.

Normally Sandolos are rowed standing up and facing forward and details of the Forcola sculpted rowlocks and oars are given on the plans along with the shape of a typical Ferro (bow ornament).

25' Sandolo Particulars

  Mk 1 Mk 2
LOA 25'4" 7.745m 25'3" 7.720m
Beam 4'3" 1.30m 4' 9 1/2" 1.46m
Hull Mid Depth 1' 6 1/4" 0.462m 1' 7 3/4" 0.50m
Draft 7" 1/ 4' 0.185m 7 1/4" 0.185m
Approx. Dry Weight 595 lbs 270 kg 639 lbs 290 kg
Hull Shape Flat bottom single chine
Construction Method Stitch and Epoxy plywood - could be built ply over frame.
Major plywood requirements for hull 7 sheets of 9mm
1 sheet 6mm
Guidance Use 3 - 5 adults 5 - 6 adults
Drawing/Design Package 7 x A1 drawings + 4 x A4 instruction sheets
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