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  • Boardyak Plans PDF

    Boardyak Plans PDF

    Stand up paddleboard or sit on top kayak 11" x 30" - 3.35m x 76cm Maximum recommended displacement is 225lbs/102kg. Weight: 25-30lbs {12kg} For printed plans for Boardyak, click HERE No cockpit, no spray skirt . . . no worries! The skin-on-frame Boardyak...
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  • Highlander 14 - Sailing Version Plans

    Highlander 14 - Sailing Version Plans

    The Highlander 14' has comfortable sitting room for up to 8 people and with it's two athwartship rowing benches is an easily handled and stable pulling boat. With her loose footed lug rig she makes the ideal sailing craft for family sailing, club use...
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  • Thalas 16 Plans

    Thalas 16 Plans

    The length of the American Whitehall of the 19th century was between 13' and 23'. The 16' was the most typical length and the boats were built for 2 or 3 rowers. As with the THALAS 13', also in this case the classical boat has been re-elaborated to make...
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  • 6' Baby Kate Open Canoe Plans

    6' Baby Kate Open Canoe Plans

    The Baby Kate is a mini development of our Kate series of open canoes - it is meant as a toy and not serious use with a child and can be built from a single sheet of 3 or 4mm plywood. 6' Baby Kate...
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  • Beniguet


    Trailerable classic cabin yacht, 5.85 m long For Benguit Study Plan instant download, click HERE Hull length / waterline 5.85 / 5.25 m   Sail area 20.3 m²   Breadth / waterline 2.10 / 1.80 m   Outboard motor 6...
    $396.00 - $686.00
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  • Electron Plans PDF

    Electron Plans PDF

    Electron was an interesting project done for a man who had done his homework on electric boats. In particular he had studied Doug Little's great book ELECTRIC BOATS. He wanted a cuddy cabin boat capable of some cruising, the ability to go about 30 miles...
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  • Swaggie Printed Plans

    Swaggie Printed Plans

    For a Swaggie Study Plan download, click HERE For Full Swaggie Plans in the form of a Digital Download, click HERE Swaggie: (Australian slang) A tramp, or itinerant who carries his bedroll, or "Swag" upon his back. My client loves small craft and has...
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  • Skoota 20 Power Cat Plans Download

    Skoota 20 Power Cat Plans Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Click HERE to download Free Study Plans In September 2010 I was very pleased to announce the launch of my first powercat design, the trailable Skoota 20 (although I'm afraid to say it is still cosmetically unfinished). The...
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  • Nordia 10 Plans

    Nordia 10 Plans

    This design is for a Norwegian who's brief was for a fast offshore and ocean cruising yacht which would incorporate an ample aft cockpit as well as a comfortable inside steering position with bunks for 5 to 7 people. The client is presently building the...
    $34.00 - $608.00
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  • Design #247 plans PDF

    Design #247 plans PDF

    Design #247 is a double version of Dawn Treader, #246. Joe Dobler's design #247Light Double - a rowing shell LOA=25' Beam=32"Plywood Taped Seam Construction
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  • Skylark 16 Motor Version Plans

    Skylark 16 Motor Version Plans

    This version of the Skylark class of pram dinghies was at the request of a client who wanted a comfortable river boat with the simplicity of construction of the smaller Skylark stitch and tape dinghies and with the large size that a pram shape of this...
    $27.00 - $95.00
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  • 20' Seajay Plans

    20' Seajay Plans

    This is a larger version of the Beaver design incorporating the same simple compound hull construction with a ‘U’ shaped mid section and a gentle ‘V’ section at either end. The drawings show an optional double masted rig for easy sailing and...
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  • Yakyak 425 Sport Supplement PDF

    Yakyak 425 Sport Supplement PDF

    Yakyak 425 "Sport" Supplement (optional)(NOTE: You also need the Yakyak 425 plans to build the boat) Floats, beam, rudder and larger sail option. 1 sheets of 1/6 or 1/5 ACX plywood. Yakyak 425 Sport Sail area 35 Sq.Ft
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  • DUO 425 Plans

    DUO 425 Plans

    The DUO 425 was the first parallel rig cat designed for amateur construction. The prototype was shown at the boat show in Duesseldorf in 1984. We have the most experience with this sort of rigs. Many very fast and record breaking catamarans used and use...
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  • 16' Islay Skiff Plans

    16' Islay Skiff Plans

    The Islay is a recent development of our Iona design for a client who required a graceful boat with more beam and a little more sheer. He also wanted a traditional cutter rig with a jaunty looking bowsprit. Construction can either be by the strip...
    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • Chat 18 Plans Download

    Chat 18 Plans Download

    Click HERE to download Free Study Plans About Woods Downloadable Plans The Chat 18 is a safe day sailing catamaran designed for sheltered waters and is very simple and easy to sail. Even so, it is still a fun and responsive boat. Comprehensive building...
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  • 21' Solway Whaler Plans

    21' Solway Whaler Plans

    A lightweight rowing whaler for easy construction. The hull has 4 panels per side plus a narrow flat bottom panel and the hull is symetrical about amidships to make construction even easier.The hull can be made in 2 halves and bolted together in the...
    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • 15'9" Drift Boat Plans

    15'9" Drift Boat Plans

    Drift boats are usually used in tricky rivers with fast running currents and rocky passages for fly fishing. The oarsman sits aft, facing forward and uses the oars to manoeuvre the boat round rocks whilst the boat is carried down river by the current...
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  • Safe Harbor 12 Strip Planked Daysailer Plans

    Safe Harbor 12 Strip Planked Daysailer Plans

    Based on the Dark Harbor 12 designed by B.B. Crowninshield in the early part of the 20th Century, this design has an updated underwater shape and construction method.   She is very much a mini J class. With a 12' waterline and overall length of over...
    $27.00 - $338.00
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  • 10' & 15'9" Chris Plans

    10' & 15'9" Chris Plans

    A model maker working for the advertising industry phoned me up and asked me to design a 10'x3' (3.05m x 0.92m) open canoe for the Labetts Lager advert! Apparently Malcolm the Mountie is to appear in front of the canoe in the advert and anything longer...
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  • 12' Leland Lake Plans

    12' Leland Lake Plans

    After designing and building the 8ft Nuthatch Pram, I thought that I would modify the design to a standard "V" bowed hull to see what it would look like. I was surprised to see that the hull design could be modified this way, and the first model...
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  • 11' South Coast Scow Plans

    11' South Coast Scow Plans

    The clinker scow is a very popular little dinghy on the South Coast of England. Many are raced regularly by enthusiasts and many a big boat sailor learnt their seamanship on boats such as these. We were asked to draw up this example to replace a...
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  • Piepowder 16 Plans

    Piepowder 16 Plans

    "Piepowder", A perky little yacht with ocean-going abilityGRP minimum cruising cutterEvery man has his own ideas about his perfect yacht. The boat of one man's dreams is that of nightmares to another.The young guy who commissioned this design was set on...
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  • Swiftsure Printed Plans

    Swiftsure Printed Plans

    Click HERE for a Digital Download of Swiftsure Plans Both Stuart Reid and I have a strong interest in the traditional, and this sailable miniature along the lines of an 18th century Royal Navy Stoop based upon a plywood hull is a real treasure for...
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  • Gozzo 520 Plans

    Gozzo 520 Plans

    Length 5.2mDesigner: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo CostaRound hull, strip-planking constructionBuilding Skills: medium This small "gozzo" is the most traditional among the three: built as an open boat and without competitive goals in mind, it represents the...
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  • Tracker 18 Plans

    Tracker 18 Plans

    This craft which is based upon the Highlander 18, has been developed for a client in Australia specifically for trailing across rough terrain in order to explore out of the way creeks and rivers which would otherwise be difficult to get to. She has room...
    $27.00 - $101.00
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  • Saturday Night Special Printed Plans

    Saturday Night Special Printed Plans

    If you prefer a digital download to the printed plans, click HERE I love the long expedition type events, The Texas 200, the Florida 120, the Everglades Challenge, all of which are challenging events which can be completed in boats that are not...
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  • Sundance Plans PDF

    Sundance Plans PDF

    "SUN DANCE" - A sporty little 17 ft. outboard cruiser with a beam of 6'. Designed for 25-30 HP outboard motor. Hull is wood, mahogany carvel planking. Designer calls her a "cruisemite". With this unique arrangement plan, sleeping is done under the...
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  • Highlander 9' Plans

    Highlander 9' Plans

    Because most of our designs have their offsets and panel shapes stored on the computer, altering a particular design to suit a clients individual requirements of length, beam and draft, can be undertaken easily and quickly. The Highlander 9' is a good...
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  • 18'6" Silent Explorer

    18'6" Silent Explorer

    For moving silently up remote quiet creeks and rivers to picnic amongst the Willows and enjoy country side not seen by many, we have designed this attractive electric canoe. Construction uses the strip plank process using computer faired mould shapes...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • 24' Mayfly Sharpie Plans

    24' Mayfly Sharpie Plans

    A neat little ply sharpie of simple and cheap construction with 4 berths (and room in the cockpit for more) for exploring estuaries and gunkholing. With it's simple unstayed rig, it is ideal for the small family. Uses disposable sand or gravel ballast...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • Mia Plans

    Mia Plans

    Free Study Plans Download - HERE Full size templates for this boat are available HERE *Full size templates are in .pdf format. They need to be printed on a plan printing machine. Most cities have plan printing shops that can do this for you,...
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  • Fatcat 2 Plans PDF

    Fatcat 2 Plans PDF

    Fatcat2 is still really a prototype boat even though I can show photos of a completed boat. What happened is that the builder, who is in his mid 80's, was taking the prototype to the lake to test when it was damaged in a road accident. It's been repaired...
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  • 9'6" Little Harrier Motor Dory Plans

    9'6" Little Harrier Motor Dory Plans

    This is a smaller sister to the 13’ Harrier—she has the same simple ‘V’ bottomed hull shape which has plenty of stability and room in such a short length for fishing and pic-nicking. Under the seats can be used for flotation and/or stowage and...
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  • Pixie Plans Download

    Pixie Plans Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Specifications: LENGTH O.A. 4.3m LENGTH W.L. 4.1m BEAM O.A. 2.1m DISPL (empty) 75Kg ONE OR TWO CREW SAIL AREA 11.5 sq m The PIXIE is an entry level car toppable beach cat that has proved extremely popular with hundreds...
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  • Laguna Plans PDF

    Laguna Plans PDF

    DOWN IN TEXAS....They started a "cruise", not really a race, 200 miles up the protected waters of the intercoastal waterway. They say the wind blows strong and from such a direction that you reach or run the whole way and usually in smooth water. The...
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  • Tatoo 598 Full Plans PDF

    Tatoo 598 Full Plans PDF

    An economical and singular weekend cruiser For Tatoo 598 Study Plans, click HERE Fast overview: Motor boat with a little cabin (dog house) opened below and closed with a dralon curtain. Galley, 2 berths, Headroom of 1,77m, 60hp outboard, trailerable, big...
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  • Pirogue 460 Plans PDF

    Pirogue 460 Plans PDF

    Pirogue 460 / 15’ 15’ x 7.5’ – 130 Lbs. Sail area 5.15 m² / 56 Sq.Ft. This project start has a request from a college teacher to create an outrigger canoe for teenagers, based on the local traditional boats of Mayotte Island,...
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  • Irreducible Plans PDF

    Irreducible Plans PDF

    "IRREDUCIBLE" — 10' Inboard launch, and is just what the name implies. Includes lines, construction plan, table of offsets, article reprint. One sheet. IrreducibleA Small Boat with a Large Background(reprinted from "The Rudder") THIS little ship is...
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  • Toon19 Plans PDF

    Toon19 Plans PDF

    John Trussel built the prototype Toon19 in South Carolina. He had built several boats before this one including a Mixer of my design. He wrote this essay about his Toon19: Toon 19 For a number of years I have owned various "shallow water cruisers" (to...
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  • 16' Dutch Punter Plans

    16' Dutch Punter Plans

    The traditional Punter is a small Dutch work boat with a simple single chine and flat bottomed hull and an upper strake which is shaped to give tumblehome. Her sprit rig is very practical allowing the sail to be brailed up against the mast when not in...
    $27.00 - $371.00
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  • KD 650 Plans

    KD 650 Plans

      The KD 650 is an other approach for an affordable trailer catamaran for amateur construction. The boat is designed for coastal sailing and will have a good turn of speed with its efficient Gunter rig. The boat is easy to build with...
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  • RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit

    RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit

    Overall Length 18'-8-1/2" Overall Beam 46" Weight 148 lbs. Volume 147.6 c.f. CRUISE AT YOUR OWN PACE! There's an exciting new class of high-performance rowing boat from the drawing board of small-craft adventurer Colin Angus: The RowCruiser. This...
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  • Wojtech Baginski has the cabin on his Campjon raised, extended and glassed over for river cruising in Poland

    Campjon Plans PDF

    Campjon is based on my Jonsboat design. I increased the hull depth to 24" from 18" and again to 30" in the region of the 6' long cuddy cabin. The cabin decks slope upward towards the center so the "headroom" in the middle is about 3', usually that is...
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  • Dixi Dinghy Plans

    Dixi Dinghy Plans

    Multi-purpose, can be rowed, motored or sailed and is light enough for one person to lift on and off the family car or yacht. Simple stitch and glue construction, it can be built with the minimum of tools, no previous boatbuilding experience and in...
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  • 8' Runabout Plans PDF

    8' Runabout Plans PDF

    The approval for Runabout came from my readers, for a small portable motor boat of traditional hull design. It includes an ample beam, good freeboard, generous internal volume, multi-seating, and safety buoyancy. It is sturdy, easy to build, portable and...
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  • Frolic2 Plans PDF

    Frolic2 Plans PDF

    The photo shows the prototype Frolic2 built by Larry Martin of Coos Bay, Oregon. Larry built the boat quite quickly this past winter including sewing the sail to the instructions given in the plans. He reported sailing it for the first time on a ripping...
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  • Volare Plans (utility version)

    Volare Plans (utility version)

    Free Study Plans HERE Full size templates for this boat are available HERE Volare Console Version Volare comes in three versions. This is the tiller steered utility version, the  console version is available as a separate set of plans. There...
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  • Edwardian 19' Strip Planked Launch Plans

    Edwardian 19' Strip Planked Launch Plans

    Smaller sister to the Edwardian 26, the hull of this version has also been based upon the Lifu launch. Her lines have, however, been further deepened so that she can also take the weight of batteries for electric propulsion. A 1.4 hp 48 volt motor may...
    $34.00 - $371.00
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