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  • 16' Iona Skiff Plans

    16' Iona Skiff Plans

    For those who want to build a classically designed double ended clinker craft, this boat has been developed from the Shetland Skiff and North American Peapod dinghy. Construction is greatly simplified from the conventional clinker method and kept to a...
    $27.00 - $122.00
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  • 8' Nuthatch Pram 2.1 Plans PDF

    8' Nuthatch Pram 2.1 Plans PDF

    8ft Nuthatch Specifications Length: 7' 10"Beam: 52"Weight: 72 lbsMax Outboard: 2 hpMaximum Load: 450 lbs This design is my first and the result of endless hours spent before a computer learning the relationship between curves on a flat 2D screen to the...
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  • Tweak Plans PDF

    Tweak Plans PDF

    LOA: 7’ 3”(2.2m)Beam - 3' 8” (1.12m)Approx.weight - 46lb. (21kg)Max.payload - 440lb. (200kg)     Here is a small dinghy which can be used for fishing, pleasure rowing or as a tender of a...
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  • Ebihen 15 - Strip Planked

    Ebihen 15 - Strip Planked

    Traditional sail boat, 4.5 m long, with outboard motor well, strip planked over laminated frames For Ebihen 15 Study Plans, click HERE Hull length / waterline 4.50 / 4.24 m   Sail area 14 m²   Breadth / waterline 1.85 / 1.64...
    $224.00 - $343.00
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  • Mickey Mouse Plans PDF

    Mickey Mouse Plans PDF

    The idea behind this design was to see how much boat can be squeezed out of a single sheet of plywood 4x8' (1220x2440 mm). The resulting boat is suitable for kids to paddle on ponds or very small lakes. It is an excellent first time father...
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  • Minuetto Crociera Plans

    Minuetto Crociera Plans

    Length 6.50mDesigner: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo CostaChine hull, plywood constructionBuilding Skills: mediumMinitransat ClassThe Mini Transat Class was born from a somewhat crazy idea of organizing a solitary Transatlantic regatta on board a small boat...
    $16.00 - $299.00
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  • 16' Felix Launch Plans

    16' Felix Launch Plans

    Our Felix 13’ was lengthened to 15’ and the beam increased to accommodate batteries for electric power and now this design has been lengthened a further 12” and the beam increased by 6” and the hull depth also increased so that she may...
    $34.00 - $243.00
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  • 16' Whooping Swan Plans

    16' Whooping Swan Plans

    The Whooping Swan is a development of the 16' Grey Swan pocket cruiser - a client asked me to alter the hull so that it would take an outboard with a wheelhouse - in doing this we have added buoyancy to the aft end and made the transom more vertical to...
    $27.00 - $169.00
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  • Tamanu Plans PDF

    Tamanu Plans PDF

    The Tamanu is a "three board" canoe with a flat bottom and moderate rocker. The hull can be quickly and easily constructed with 1/4" or 3/16" plywood. The ama or amas can be foam and fiberglass or hollow plywood. The most important difference between the...
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  • 12' Nuthatch Pram Plans PDF

    12' Nuthatch Pram Plans PDF

    After designing and building the 8ft Nuthatch Pram, I thought that a larger version of the hull would be a good fit in my series of stitch and glue boats. This is the finished design of the 12ft "fishing" version, and I have a 14ft version in the early...
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  • AF4 Plans - PDF

    AF4 Plans - PDF

    AF4 is a simple low powered cuddy cruiser intended for protected waters. Kilburn Adams of St. Louis brought a boat similar in spirit to AF4 to our Midwest Messabouts and it was easy to see what a good idea this is. Kiburn's boat was a modified Sturdee...
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  • Medway Doble 12'6" Plans

    Medway Doble 12'6" Plans

    The Medway Doble was drawn up for Mr. John Lidstone who, having already built one of our Highlander dayboats, wanted a lightweight, car toppable craft of double ended shape suitable for river and estuary rowing and sailing. She has plenty of room...
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  • 26'6" Swallow Tancook Whaler Plans

    26'6" Swallow Tancook Whaler Plans

    Ever since I saw the lines of the Tancook Whaler in Chapelle's book Fast American Sailing Craft have been bugged by the wish to design a cruising boat using similar lines. The Tancook Whaler is one of those boats which evolved over many decades to do a...
    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • Toots Plans

    Toots Plans

    Toots is a 10' flat iron rowing skiff, about half way between serious skiffs like my QT and the typical pram. Toots will have the capacity to carry two normal size adults because it has enough rocker to float 450 pounds with its ends still well clear of...
  • Lynnhaven 16 Plans

    Lynnhaven 16 Plans

    Attractive and capable touring canoe1-3 Person capacityPaddle as a canoeFit rowlocks and oars for a small pulling boatIntegral buoyancy/storage in seatsEasy amateur buildIdeal school or family projectPlans include full size patternsIllustrated...
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  • Amaryllis 30 Plans

    Amaryllis 30 Plans

    The 30' Amaryllis was commissioned by Mr. William Fuller to replace his 22' steam launch. The new launch will be built by the International Boat Building College in Lowestoft using conventional planked methods. She uses a 25 hp steam unit by J. Alex...
    $41.00 - $574.00
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  • 18' Hawk Plans

    18' Hawk Plans

    18’x 11’ (hull beam 3’). Ultra simple stitch and tape construction using 10 sheets of 1/4’’ and 4 sheets of 3/8’’ ply. Built-in buoyancy, good storage and sit-in hulls which may, under a canvas canopy be used for sleeping as well as the...
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  • Fanny the Fantail Launch Plans

    Fanny the Fantail Launch Plans

    We were asked to design "Fanny" for the Boatman magazine and the construction of her hull was covered in issues 30 to 37. Since then several have been built both in plywood and in steel (by Peter Nicholls Steel Yachtbuilders). She was originally based...
    $27.00 - $169.00
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  • Aqua Sport Cruiser Plans PDF

    Aqua Sport Cruiser Plans PDF

    The AQUA SPORT CRUISER was specifically designed for 2 purposes. First, when nested, it had to fit in the trunk of most cars, and second, it had to be capable of accepting a smal outboard motor for power, anything under 2.5hp. It also had to be...
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  • Dani Jay Plans

    Dani Jay Plans

    Dani Jay is the chosen name of the project I called Bobsboat in last year's essays. The idea behind it was to have an easily driven seaworthy launch that would take a bunch of adults around in a laid back style. It was not to be a planing boat so big...
  • Slidavan Plans PDF

    Slidavan Plans PDF

    The Slidavan is an easy to build lightweight telescopic caravan which does it all. On the road its light weight and compact dimensions means you'll hardly know you are towing it.At the campsite it takes just a minute to turn it in to a fully insulated...
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  • Ilur Classic

    Ilur Classic

    The most popular sail and oar boat For a digital Study Plan for Ilur, click HERE Hull length / waterline 4.44/ 4.10 m Sail area 12.2 m² Breadth / waterline 1.70 / 1.46 m Outboard motor 4 hp Draught 0.25 / 0.86 m Design category /...
    $185.00 - $277.00
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  • Sharpie 470 Plans PDF

    Sharpie 470 Plans PDF

    A fast and narrow pocket cruiser, with a double bunk, and place for all your camping stuff.- LOA 4.70 m x beam 1.64 m- SA 9.9 m² - Bermudian or gaff rig. - Weight 250 kg- Weight full load 500 kg- Cruiser for two, daysailer for 3 (CE D/3)Full plans in...
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  • 20' Kari 3

    20' Kari 3

    A Dutch client asked us to use the original KARI - 2 as a model for a craft not too much longer but capable of having a small cabin area which could take 2 or 3 bunks along with a small cooker and wc. We looked at the original section of the boat and...
    $34.00 - $371.00
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  • Robinson Crusoe Plans PDF

    Robinson Crusoe Plans PDF

    26' clinker built cruiser "ROBINSON CRUSOE" - 26' Cruiser, clinker built, wood. Includes outboard profile, lines, offsets, scantlings, arrangements, construction plans. 4 sheets.
    MSRP: $77.00
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  • 18' Waka Ama Hawaiian Canoe

    18' Waka Ama Hawaiian Canoe

    This is an outrigger canoe of classic Hawaiian design. Classes of these craft are very popular, especially in places like New Zealand where they are raced in various lengths—this example being one of the shortest. They are noted for their stability...
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  • 16' Goshawk Plans

    16' Goshawk Plans

    The Goshawk was designed for an American company for use in their boat hire business. The design brief called for a boat which was tough and which, for only a 16' length, would have as comfortable a cabin space as possible. To go with this, she had to...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • AF4 GRANDE Plans PDF

    AF4 GRANDE Plans PDF

    Af4 Grande is a 20% scaleup of the original AF4. Scaling a design can be interesting. If the design is scaled up by a factor of1.2 as it was here then the areas of all the panels are increased by a factor of 1.2 squared (1.2 times 1.2) which is 1.44...
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  • Piragua Plans PDF

    Piragua Plans PDF

    The photo above is of a Piragua built by Bob Taylor down in Texas. Piragua is a very simple useful boat. I probably get more Piragua photos than of any other boat, an indication that more Piraguas get built. Piragua is made from two sheets of 1/4"...
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  • Chautauqua  Plans PDF

    Chautauqua Plans PDF

    A sensational sailing canoe 15' 3" x 38" - 4.65m x 94cm Maximum recommended capacity - 375lbs - 171kg Weight: 65lbs - 30kg Sail area: 61 square feet - 5.7m For printed plans of Chautauqua, click HERE CHAUTAUQUA (shuh-TAW-kwuh) Chautauqua is a SOF decked...
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  • Mayfly 14 Plans PDF

    Mayfly 14 Plans PDF

    Mayfly14 is a straight forward flat bottomed plywood skiff for sailing and rowing. She's easy to build because her planks have no twists. That means that the chine log and wale bevels are constant for all practical purposes and can be presawn before...
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  • 15'7" Peterborough Plans

    15'7" Peterborough Plans

    The name ‘Peterborough’ was often used to describe any open Canadian type canoe but more especially those with a lightly rockered hull which had a moderate beam and some tumblehome. Our example has relatively narrow waterlines fore and aft to make...
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  • Johnboat Plans PDF

    Johnboat Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE suited to a variety of uses from fishing to duck hunting Heres a lightweight boat suited to a variety of uses from fishing to duck hunting. Known in different parts of the country as a jon boat or punt, the longer version...
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  • Scraps Full Plans Digital Download

    Scraps Full Plans Digital Download

    For Scraps as printed plans, click HERE Our tides here run to 10 or 12 ft, which means that little Spook has to be anchored out in close to 20 ft of water at high tide in order to not be aground at low tide. Spook, my 18ft gaff sloop lives on a trailer...
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  • Paddleplank  Plans

    Paddleplank Plans

    Can you walk this plank? Actually the request was for a stand up paddle board, sort of like a surf board that is paddled while you stand up like on a real surf board shooting the big waves in Hawaii.I had all sorts of reasons for not designing it, the...
  • Foldyak 12 - Folding Kayak Plans PDF

    Foldyak 12 - Folding Kayak Plans PDF

    The Foldak is constructed from a lightweight wooden keel assembly, a pair of drop down plywood floors and four hinged laminated hoops. The structure is then covered with PVC cloth. The edges of the cloth are protected by wooden strips.The Woodenwidget...
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  • Howth Head 22 Plans

    Howth Head 22 Plans

    The Howth Head is a plywood version of the steel Lambay Island design. Like the Lambay, she is a 22' motor boat with a large cockpit area and comfortable accommodation with 2 large berths, w.c. compartment and galley with dining space in the cockpit...
    $34.00 - $304.00
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  • 24'6" Snipe Runabout Plans

    24'6" Snipe Runabout Plans

    This was an interesting way to start a design. The client had a couple of Super Snipe engines kicking about and he wanted to sell them. What better way to do it and to get the greatest return for his money than to package them. The package that we chose...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • Arctic Skua Canoe Yawl Plans

    Arctic Skua Canoe Yawl Plans

    The Arctic Skua is a lightweight canoe yawl that has a nod towards the small canoe yawls that were popular in Europe during the last century for touring and racing. She uses 4mm ply and the stitch and tape method of construction to produce a easily built...
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  • Skylark 14 Mark 3 Plans

    Skylark 14 Mark 3 Plans

    The original 14' Skylark was drawn up as a simple extension of the Skylark 12 using the same rig and simple fit-out details as the 12. We then remodelled the hull with an additional chine to give the Mark 2 version. This version uses the same hull shape...
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  • 15' Adirondack Guide Boat Plans

    15' Adirondack Guide Boat Plans

    The Adirondack Guide boats were used in the outback of North America in the 19th and early 20th Centuries for hunting, portaging etc and have a very distinctive shape with fairly pinched bow/stern sections and slack bilge shape. Beam was kept low so...
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  • Swift 6M Dayboat Plans

    Swift 6M Dayboat Plans

    The Swift 6 metre dayboat was commissioned by Mr. P. Roberts who wanted an easily built boat similar in line to some of the French dayboats. In fact, she is also similar to boats of the Gareloch and Loch Long classes raced on the Clyde. The drawings...
    $27.00 - $216.00
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  • Toter2 Plans PDF

    Toter2 Plans PDF

      Click HERE for free Sponson Plans - Click HERE to learn more TOTER-2 Specifications: Length: 99 inches Max Width: 36 inches Width at chine: 28 inches Height: 13 inches Weight: 65 pounds Max load = 400 pounds Draft: 3" - paddle 4" -...
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  • ECO 6 Plans

    ECO 6 Plans

    Note: This is the full plan, for the study plans click HERE The ECO 6 looks like the ECO55 cruiser, but it is a completely new design. The small increase of only 0.5m and increasing the total beam to 2.84m created a lot of possibilities. The cabin...
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  • Brio 555 Plans

    Brio 555 Plans

    Designer: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo CostaChine hull, Stitch&Glue constructionBuilding Skills: medium The BRIO 555 is what is usually called a "collective dinghy". This terminology refers to its use as a sailing school boat - where it is common to...
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  • 10' Grand Banks Dory Plans

    10' Grand Banks Dory Plans

    A simple ply Grand Banks Dory for stitch and tape construction using just 3 sheets of 6mm plywood - she may have stowage/buoyancy compartments in the ends and could take an electric outboard motor. 10 Grand Banks Dory Particulars LOA 10' 3...
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  • 10'9" Medway Skiff Plans

    10'9" Medway Skiff Plans

    The Medway 11 is a rowing skiff development of our Medway Doble design. We have retained the same 3 plywood planks per side and the simple stitch and tape method of construction. She uses just 3 sheets of 5 or 6mmplywood. As drawn, she is fitted out for...
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  • 17'3" Gdansk Plans

    17'3" Gdansk Plans

    he ‘‘Gdansk’’ is a modified version of the ‘‘Puck’’ Polish fishing boat design for a client who didn’t mind giving up the double ended hull. Her basic particulars are similar to the ‘‘Puck’’ design but she has a transom stern, a...
    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • 11' Little Kate Plans

    11' Little Kate Plans

    Our LITTLE KATE open canoe is a modification of the classic John Rushton Wee Lassie design which he was producing over a hundred years ago. The originals were of lapstrake Cedar planking but we have modified the design so that it can be built using the...
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