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  • Poor Richard Plans PDF

    Poor Richard Plans PDF

    "POOR RICHARD" - 21' Skipjack hull, wood. Various configurations shown in the plans are cruising launch, sailboat, open launch, gill net fisherman, etc. Includes lines, table of offsets, construction plans, arrangements, scantlings, etc. 3 sheets and...
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  • 15' American Peapod Plans

    15' American Peapod Plans

    This is a beautiful double ender for simplified strip plank and epoxy construction. Temporary moulds are set up with pre-shaped stem, stern post and hog and then the boat is planked with thin strips of Cedar glued edge to edge with epoxy giving a...
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  • Rhum 11'6" Plans

    Rhum 11'6" Plans

    This is a very simple 11’6’’x5’ ‘V’ bottomed dinghy for general purpose use. Her ‘V’ bottom and 5’ beam gives her both stability and a good turn of speed under both oars and sails. She can be built as...
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  • 4M Mini Yacht Plans

    4M Mini Yacht Plans

    At just over 13' length, the 4m Mini Yacht has 2 berths and space for a portable wc inside plus large areas for stowage or floatation. She has a daggerboard type keel with a steel core and lead bulb which is bolted in place for sailing but which can be...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • Naut 350 "Pico Cruiser" Plans PDF & Cutting Files

    Naut 350 "Pico Cruiser" Plans PDF & Cutting Files

    11.5 foot simple overnight cruiser sailboat for two, designed for protected or inland waters. With this plan I tried to go towards extreme minimalism, while remaining in the formula of the classic pocket cruiser. It's the smallest size that...
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  • IMB Plans PDF

    IMB Plans PDF

    IMB features a "Birdwatcher" cabin, full length with panoramic windows and a center walkway slot in the roof. Everyone rides inside. This style of boat was invented by Phil Bolger in the early 1980's.These boats can be self righting with minimal, or no,...
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  • Vila 650 Plans

    Vila 650 Plans

    The Vila are female fairy figures in Slav mythology, similar to Greek nymphs. They control storms and live on fields, in ponds, in the ocean, on trees and clouds. They may take on different forms and appear as a swan, horse, wolf, as well as being very...
    $16.00 - $299.00
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  • 32' x 6' 9" Steel Canal Tug Plans

    32' x 6' 9" Steel Canal Tug Plans

    We have drawn up the steel construction details (hull, deck, sterngear and rudder details only) for this 32' canal boat based on a tug design with a fantail aft end and narrow boat lines amidships running into a tug type bow. She may be fitted out in a...
    $34.00 - $223.00
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  • Navigator Study Plan Download

    Navigator Study Plan Download

    For full printed plans, click HERE For full digital plans to download, click HERE Navigator has turned out to be the surprise package of the whole bunch, 300 plus sets of plans in today's market is a lot! Navigator was designed for Boat Books Auckland's...
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  • The Wedge Plans PDF

    The Wedge Plans PDF

    There is now a sail supplement available for this boat HERE I have another design completed and tested for you. It's called The WEDGE, and it obviously gets it's name from it's shape. This is a two occupant boat, with good freeboard and stand-up...
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  • Strike 18 (including Quattro Plans) Download

    Strike 18 (including Quattro Plans) Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Click HERE to download Free Study Plans The 18ft STRIKE is a trimaran design that uses a 16ft beach cat as the outriggers/amas and rig. The main hull is plywood and has a dory shape that is extremely easy to build. The...
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  • Slingshot 16 Trimaran Plans

    Slingshot 16 Trimaran Plans

    This is an instant download for full plans. For free study plans, click HERE. Features: Top Speed (typical) = 14 mph # Of Occupants = One  Length Overall = 15' 10" Beam Overall = 12' (or 7' folded. For details about folding options, please...
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  • Vireo 14 Plans PDF

    Vireo 14 Plans PDF

    Vireo14 is a 14' version of the original 12' Vireo which was quite popular with all of its builders. In this case the extra length comes from a straight "stretch" of the original design. By that I mean that the same cross sections were used but now...
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  • 7'6" Greenshank Plans

    7'6" Greenshank Plans

    The Greenshank is a pram version of the Redshank and has a length of 7’6’’ and a beam of 4’. The pram bow gives more space forward for stowing gear or for transporting crew out to your yacht. She is an ideal fishing dinghy. Construction is...
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  • 20'/22' Kennet Slipper Launch Plans

    20'/22' Kennet Slipper Launch Plans

    The Kennet can be built either as a 20' or a 22' slipper launch details and panel shapes are given on the plans for both versions. She has a "V" bottom forward which flattens out as it runs aft giving an easily driven hull shape which has plenty of grip...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • Rufus 17 Plans

    Rufus 17 Plans

    The RUFUS 17' motor boat is a simple rugged craft with jaunty good looks. She has 3 chines per side and plenty of freeboard and beam, giving her an excellent carrying capacity and very good stability. She can be made as a simple open launch, in which...
    $27.00 - $203.00
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  • Larsboat Plans PDF

    Larsboat Plans PDF

    buy Trilars plans to make Larsboat into a trimaran Larsboat was built by Lars Hasselgren to replace a Folboat that had finally met its end. Lars wanted capacity for two, plus decking, as with his old boat. I took Toto and...
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  • Kingfisher Plans PDF

    Kingfisher Plans PDF

    "KINGFISHER" - 17' Utility launch, inboard or outboard. Includes 2 profiles, arrangements, lines, table of offsets, construction plans. 3 sheets plus article reprint. Build her in your garage over one winter. You can trail her anywhere and use her on...
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  • Montana Pram Plans PDF

    Montana Pram Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 33 pages of text, drawings and color photos on 8.5" x 11" pages plus a large sheet of drawings. The printed version is black and white. To save $5 and postage costs choose the download option by ordering on this...
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  • Transat 6.5 Plans

    Transat 6.5 Plans

    This is a multi-chine plywood entrant for the Mini-Transat race which takes competitors across the Atlantic to Antigua via the Canary Islands. It is known as one of yachting's most dangerous races and is fought by boats with a maximum length of 6.5m. We...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • Paloma 650 Cruise Plans

    Paloma 650 Cruise Plans

    The PALOMA, in its various versions, derives from a fruitful collaboration with our clients and, perhaps, also for this reason, it seems to have met the favour of the public. It all started from the request of a client who wanted an inboard motor boat,...
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  • 17' Mandarin Rowing Skiff

    17' Mandarin Rowing Skiff

    The Mandarin 17 has a beam of 45” and is designed with traditional oarlocks to mirror the traditional Thames skiffs. She may be fitted with a single or double rowing position and the plans detail a rudder and traditional foot rests. She uses 5 to 6...
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  • Drake 24 Plans

    Drake 24 Plans

    24’x 6’ using 22 sheets of 3/8’’ and 2 sheets of 1/2’’ ply in it’s basic form. A water ballast tank and motor well may be used and the whole craft made in three 8’ boltable sections for ease in...
    $34.00 - $108.00
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  • 30+ Plans PDF

    30+ Plans PDF

    The Thirty + is one of Joe Dobler's better known large trimarans. It was originally designed for and built with plywood, but was soon put into production as a fiberglass model. Aparently the FG version was never as fast as the wood prototype, though...
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  • Sharpie 550 Plans PDF

    Sharpie 550 Plans PDF

    Simple sharpie pocket cruiser for coastal and off-shore cruising. This project start as a special order from “Tigrou”, a guy how really knows what he wants, and also a skilled boat builder. We have in common quite a fascination for junk sail...
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  • CPB-Canoe PDF

    CPB-Canoe PDF

    The essence of this design lies in its simplicity. Easy to mark and cut panels, folded onto each other, and sealed with Scotch Waterproof Tough Tape. The tape is applied to all seams, folds and edges, and produces a fully waterproof hull, that is as...
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  • 14' Nuthatch Pram Plans - Fishing Version PDF

    14' Nuthatch Pram Plans - Fishing Version PDF

    The 14ft Nuthatch Pram Thank you for choosing to build the 14 foot Nuthatch Pram. After designing and building the 8ft Nuthatch Pram and designing the 12ft Nuthatch Pram, I thought that a larger version of the hull would be a good fit in my series of...
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  • Little Egret Plans PDF

    Little Egret Plans PDF

    Little Egret is an open Sharpie of 18' 10" x 4' 10″ x 6", with a hull shape reminiscent of the famous 28' Sharpie, Egret, designed by Ralph Middleton Munroe in 1886 for use in the shallow waters of Florida. I have long had a fascination for...
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  • 18' Windrush Rowing Skiff

    18' Windrush Rowing Skiff

    This skiff has been drawn up for a client who specifically wanted to develop a design optimised for the “front rower” rowing system ( which allows the rower to face forward. For those who do not want to use this system we have...
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  • 20' Port Louis Plans

    20' Port Louis Plans

    This attractive pocket cruiser was designed for a client on the island of Mauritius and has some of the hull design features of the indigenous craft with their sweet and not over wide transoms married to traditional English work boat hull shapes with...
    $34.00 - $439.00
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  • 16' Grey Swan Plans

    16' Grey Swan Plans

    The Grey Swan is a traditional gaff cutter of multi chine hull shape with a length over deck (LOD) of only 16’ allowing much of her construction to be completed in a small work space. The original plans show her built using pre shaped ply bulkheads...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • 17'6" Evening Swan Plans

    17'6" Evening Swan Plans

    One of our clients, Mr. Masters liked the Grey Swan but wanted a cruiser just a little bit bigger so that she could accommodate an inboard engine and provide more room for a basic galley and stowage for a Porta-loo. Having extended the Grey Swan hull,...
    $34.00 - $304.00
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  • Ultra-Pram Plans PDF

    Ultra-Pram Plans PDF

    The ULTRA-PRAM, was conceived by Roland Moose of North Carolina. He wanted a portable yet robust boat for daily fishing trips - one that was stable and had plenty of room for his fishing gear. So, Roland Moose of North Carolina contacted me and asked...
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  • Foldavan Plans PDF

    Foldavan Plans PDF

    Lightweight 2 berth folding bike caravan If it's going to work in the real world, a bicycle caravan needs to be small enough to stow and be transported easily and yet big enough for real comfort. Yet it mustn't be too big or you won't be able to get...
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  • 14' Rod Fishing Coble Plans

    14' Rod Fishing Coble Plans

    Cobles take many different forms—this is a very different type to that found on the NE Coast of England which are used in the sea off exposed shorelines—this coble is of a type found on rivers and inlands waters and was used for rod fishing—mainly...
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  • Backpack Boat Plans PDF

    Backpack Boat Plans PDF

    for printed plans, click HERE carry this boat to your favorite fishing hole NOTE: Backpacker (photo above) and Backpacker Plus (first photo below) plans are in a single package. You will receive both plans when you order. Backpack Boat This 25 pound 5...
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  • 7'6" Redshank Plans

    7'6" Redshank Plans

    The Redshank is a beautiful traditional English stem dinghy. Her length is 7’6’’ and she has a beam of 4’ making her a very roomy dinghy for her size. Full-size mould shapes are given so that she may be made by the purist using traditional...
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  • 24' Beaumaris Plans

    24' Beaumaris Plans

    The Beaumaris 24 is one of several trailer sailers for strip planking that we have had on the drawing board recently. This particular example has accommodation which includes 3 or 4 berths, a galley and a Porta-Potti w.c., all combined with a good sized...
    $34.00 - $540.00
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  • Toter DuckBoat Plans PDF

    Toter DuckBoat Plans PDF

    Toter DuckBoat specifications:AssembledLength : 10 feet 6 inchesWidth : 30 inchesWeight approx. 75 poundsCapacity : 325 pounds max. NestedLength : 4 feetWidth : 30 inchesHeight : 2 feetRecently I had the experience that all small boat designers relish,...
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  • S.C.A.M.P. Printed Plans

    S.C.A.M.P. Printed Plans

    S.C.A.M.P. (Small Craft Advisor Magazine Project) For Plans Instant Download, click HEREOriginal Designer: John Welsford Additional Development: Kees Prins Kit Adaptations: Turn Point Design Our own youthful dreams often featured small boats in starring...
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  • Affordable House Plans PDF

    Affordable House Plans PDF

    for Printed plans, click HERE a do-it-yourself, owner built energy efficient home Originally published in Workbench magazine in 1994 as a do-it-yourself, owner built energy efficient home. The core module of the house is 20 x 24 feet providing a total...
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  • 30' Ijssel Launch Plans

    30' Ijssel Launch Plans

    An American client wanted to produce a replica of the African Queen and saw our Ijssel launch as offering a craft of similar style - so we increased her length to 30' and beam to 8' (later we were asked to increase the beam still further to 10' and this...
    $41.00 - $405.00
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  • Montana Guide Boat Plans PDF

    Montana Guide Boat Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 39 pages of text, drawings and photos on 8.5" x 11" pages. The printed version is black and white. The PDF file for instant download on this page has color photographs. To save $5 and postage costs choose the...
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  • Inishmore 10 Plans

    Inishmore 10 Plans

    The Inishmore is one of a number of strip planked designs that we have enabling the builder to finish up with a beautiful round bilged craft of light weight. The Inishmore is a lovely strip planked dinghy which was initially based upon our Highlander...
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  • Assassin Plans PDF

    Assassin Plans PDF

    "ASSASSIN" — 16' Double ended launch, wood. Includes lines, table of offsets, scantlings, arrangements. THERE is an abandoned lighthouse on the northeast headland of Isle Royale where Rock Harbor thumbs it's nose to the sea. Standing lonely and...
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  • Rathlin 20 Motor Yacht - Motor Sailer Supplement

    Rathlin 20 Motor Yacht - Motor Sailer Supplement

    Note: This supplement allows a builder of the Rathlin 20 Motor Yacht (described below) to build it as a Motor Sailer. You must have both the Rathlin 20 Motor Yacht plans and this supplement.***********************Our Rathlin design is not the type of...
    $27.00 - $68.00
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  • 23'6" Brambling Electric Canoe Plans

    23'6" Brambling Electric Canoe Plans

    A leisurely craft from the Edwardian and Victorian eras - days of elegance on the Thames with parasols and wine! we were commissioned to design such a canoe, to be powered by a Gebofa electric 1.6 hp sail drive unit and constructed using modern clinker...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • 30' Dragonfly Sharpie

    30' Dragonfly Sharpie

    For working the East Coast, exploring shallow estuaries and for the occasional hop across to the continent, maybe through the French canals to the Med, this 30' sharpie combines very easy and cheap construction with a simple and efficient rig and room...
    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • Water Scooter Plans PDF

    Water Scooter Plans PDF

    Specifications:Assembled: OAL = 8' OAW = 36" OAH = 16" Nested: OAL = 48" OAW = 36" OAH = 24"Total Weight about 50 PoundsCapacity = 250 pounds max. (Including motor & battery)Maximum motor size = 2-1/2 HPHull Speed = 4 mphAbove: sample pages...
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  • 16' Great Pelican Plans PDF

    16' Great Pelican Plans PDF

    Cabin or open light cruiser For printed plans click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this: Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation GREAT PELICAN The big sister of the immensely popular, 12' San Francisco Bay Pelican, the Great Pelican (16') was designed...
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