Jim Michalak

  • Ozarkian Plans PDF

    Ozarkian Plans PDF

    I do a "retro" design every now and then, an old design redone with modern techniques. Max Wawrzyniak sent me a wonderful copy of the article "Ozark John Boat" by Townsend Godsby, printed in the...

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  • Paddleplank  Plans

    Paddleplank Plans

    Can you walk this plank? Actually the request was for a stand up paddle board, sort of like a surf board that is paddled while you stand up like on a real surf board shooting the big waves in Hawaii...

  • Philsboat Plans PDF

    Philsboat Plans PDF

    Philsboat is essentially an IMB with the nose extended to a pointy bow. The width and multichine configuration are the same as IMB's. The cabin is 3" deeper because Phil is at least 3" taller than...

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  • Picara Plans PDF

    Picara Plans PDF

    CABIN SAILBOAT, 18' X 6", 1300 POUNDS EMPTY A while back I presented a design called Fatcat2 which was a 15' x 6' unballasted sailing cuddy catboat. It is still in the prototype catalog,...

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  • Piccup Pram Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram was the first boat of my design to get built, back in 1990, I think. I still have the prototype and use it regularly. I designed it to be the best sail/row boat I could put in the back of...

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  • Piccup Squared Plans PDF

    Piccup Squared Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram was my first design to get built. Here is a photo of Chris Feller's up Chicago way. She is shown with the original 55 square foot rig. I still have the boat. The sail rig has been...

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  • Piragua Plans PDF

    Piragua Plans PDF

    The photo above is of a Piragua built by Bob Taylor down in Texas. Piragua is a very simple useful boat. I probably get more Piragua photos than of any other boat, an indication that more Piraguas...

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  • Piragua18 Plans PDF

    Piragua18 Plans PDF

    Rhett Davis brought this prototype Piragua18 (see photo above) to our Midwest Messabout, hauling it strapped to the roof of his compact pickup while towing his AF4. This is the basic 14' Piragua...

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  • Polepunt Plans PDF

    Polepunt Plans PDF

    Do you have a swamp in your back yard? Turn that into a positive thing with a tradional punt that you push through the shallow water with a pole. I think this sort of boat has a long history and the...

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  • QT Skiff Plans PDF

    QT Skiff Plans PDF

    Flat iron skiffs are said to be easy to draw but very hard to get right. QT is my attempt at a flat iron skiff. The prototype was built by Paul Krayniak of Odessa, NY and a photo of his boat is...

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  • Raider Plans

    Raider Plans

    Norm Wolfe built his Normsboat to my design so we were acquainted. He visits the Baltic countries regularly and had participated in a "Raid" in Finland and was going to make it a regular thing, maybe...

  • RB42 Plans PDF

    RB42 Plans PDF

    Herb McLeod lives in western Canada and likes to tease the rest of us with photos like the one above. Beautiful! Here is his RB42 out camping with two aboard.RB42 is a row boat for two! The prototype...

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  • Rio Grande Plans PDF

    Rio Grande Plans PDF

    Sandra had been boating in a Toto double paddle canoe and in the larger Imresboat kayak. Both of those were designed for lake work but Sandra was making a lot of river trips and some of the rivers...

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  • River Runner Plans

    River Runner Plans

    This was a custom project for a man who wanted a Lowe Paddlejon boat but found they were quite rare, essentially a custom order. The idea of a boat like this is to float mild rivers with a guide in...

  • Roar2 Plans PDF

    Roar2 Plans PDF

    Roar2 is a modification of the original Roar which had a plumb stem. After I had designed, built, and paddled Toto with its V entry bow I went back and cut the lower plumb bow off my Roar and...

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  • Robbsboat Plans

    Robbsboat Plans

    Robb really probably wanted a Matt Leydon cruiser like Paradox but was put off by the complexity and small size. It has been a while since I saw Paradox plans but I think the "complexity" of the...

  • Robote Plans PDF

    Robote Plans PDF

    Robote was designed for Frank Kahr of Rhode Island strictly as a rowing boat, very light and simple and fast and seaworthy. Frank had started a few years back with my WeeVee design shown here:What...

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  • Rogue Plans

    Rogue Plans

    I keep trying my hand at these little rowing boats. The idea is that they will cartop very easily, row quite well with one person and take two adults in a pinch. I also try to keep them somewhat...

  • Scram Pram Plans PDF

    Scram Pram Plans PDF

    Scram Pram is an interesting boat that I designed for Wil Gordon of Houston a few years ago. He built the prototype shown above, including making that multicolored sail. Wil had owned some production...

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  • Seal Cove Skiff Plans

    Seal Cove Skiff Plans

    This boat is an "instant" version of the "8-Foot Seal Cove Skiff" shown on Plate 34 in Howard Chapelle's classic book BOATBUILDING. Such a great book, although it predates the building methods that...

  • Shanteuse Plans PDF

    Shanteuse Plans PDF

    Shanteuse is a slight enlargement of the mini shanty Harmonica. Shanteuse is 1' wider than Harmonica and has a 3' extension on the stern to allow a small back porch and a motor mount that...

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  • Skat Plans PDF

    Skat Plans PDF

    Long time readers may recall this design as being in the prototypes section a while back. One was being built and nearly completed when the builder had to put it aside to work on some realities of...

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  • Smoar Plans

    Smoar Plans

    Smoar is a 12 foot version of Roar2 ROAR2, ROWBOAT, 12' X 42", 70 POUNDS EMPTY

  • Sneakerbox Plans

    Sneakerbox Plans

    If you like to spend time looking at drawings of small boats one of the best books to invest in is Howard Chapelle's AMERICAN SMALL SAILING CRAFT. If you turn to page 65 you will see a drawing of the...

  • Sow's Ear Plans

    Sow's Ear Plans

    SOW'S EAR, CUDDY POWERBOAT, 15,5' X 6', 600 POUNDS EMPTY Sow's Ear is somewhere between a shantyboat like my Shanteuse and a cuddy power skiff like AF4. It has a lot more room in the...

  • Sportdory Plans PDF

    Sportdory Plans PDF

    Sportdory is an attempt to improve upon the Bolger/Payson dory I built about 15 years ago. This boat is slightly smaller than my old dory. In particular the bow is lower in hopes of cutting windage...

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  • Toon19 Plans PDF

    Toon19 Plans PDF

    John Trussel built the prototype Toon19 in South Carolina. He had built several boats before this one including a Mixer of my design. He wrote this essay about his Toon19: Toon 19 For a number of...

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  • Toon2 Plans

    Toon2 Plans

    Toon2 is in almost every way a multichine version of the AF3. I think these multichine hulls are more like round bilge hulls in that I keep the upper chine above any normal waterline so only the very...

  • Toots Plans

    Toots Plans

    Toots is a 10' flat iron rowing skiff, about half way between serious skiffs like my QT and the typical pram. Toots will have the capacity to carry two normal size adults because it has enough rocker...

  • Toto Plans Instant Download

    Toto Plans Instant Download

    Toto has been my most successful design. Initially she was an experiment to test a new bow shape - a deep V bow that blends into a multichine well aft. There's a twist in the bow bilge panels and at...

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  • Trilars Plans PDF

    Trilars Plans PDF

    You will also need Larsboat plans to complete this project.I also drew up a trimaran sailing rig for Larsboat called "Trilars" which is sold separately. It is pretty much a clamp on rig except for...

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  • Twang Plans

    Twang Plans

    Twang is a light small power skiff, light enough to cartop (I notice the wheels on the transom in the photo) if you keep your mind on weight as you build and if you can figure out a way to...

  • Vamp Plans PDF

    Vamp Plans PDF

    After the success Frank Kahr had with Robote I designed a smaller version with most of the same features. The idea was to get a fast and seaworthy boat that would cartop so easily that you would...

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  • Vector Plans

    Vector Plans

    Every now and then I draw up a sailboat with a centerboard. A boat with a centerboard can have a prettier rig sometimes because the rig does not have to be centered over the hull's widest beam, as it...

  • Veep 14 Plans

    Veep 14 Plans

    I've tried several different ways to shape a hull to handle rough water. Rough water is a problem around here where the manmade lakes are flat and wide and shallow. We get whitecaps when the...

  • Vireo 14 Plans PDF

    Vireo 14 Plans PDF

    Vireo14 is a 14' version of the original 12' Vireo which was quite popular with all of its builders. In this case the extra length comes from a straight "stretch" of the original design. By that I...

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  • Vireo Plans PDF

    Vireo Plans PDF

    LIGHT ROWBOAT, 12' X 45", 60 POUNDS EMPTY Vireo is a very light and simple boat with lines that make for very surprising performance. A while back I built a dink called WeeVee which was the usual...

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  • Vole Plans

    Vole Plans

    Vole evolved from WeeVee. She is a lot less extreme in the deep V department, but more extreme in the beam. In particular Vole should be a lot better as a knockabout sailer.Vole is a large dink. In...

  • Weevee Plans

    Weevee Plans

    I think I built WeeVee in 1993. I still have the original. A DEEP V DINK...I had done several flat bottomed and multichined boats by the time I was thinking of WeeVee and wanted some first hand...

  • Woobo Plans PDF

    Woobo Plans PDF

    Woobo was designed for the "perfect skiff" competition that Wooden Boat magazine had about ten years ago (hence the name "Woobo"). I didn't win anything and the experience led me to never enter...

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  • Wooboto Plans PDF

    Wooboto Plans PDF

    Steve Chambers out in California had built a Roar2 very quickly, in two or three weeks as I recall, and had gone off rowing with it and liked it a lot. He started looking for a design to learn...

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