Sea-Lect Folding Paddle Clips

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Secure your paddle or other round items

These injection molded, folding clips could be used for all kinds of gear. They have a nice detent when they fold down so that they stay down. Although these clips look somewhat delicate, they are quite robust. If you break one we will replace in with no questions asked.

Waterman and Duckworks regular, Dave Stith, used Sea-Lect's Folding Paddle Clips and some Starboard material to build what he refers to as a "paddle dock"—an out-of-the-way place to stow your kayak paddle. He notes two advantages: When it's time to walk his kayak down to the water, the paddle is already in the dock, so there's no need for a second trip. Second, when he stops for a snack or to take a photo, instead of leaving the paddle precariously across his lap, he pops it into the clips.

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