Sea-Lect TruCourse Rudder

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SEA-LECT Designs puts its engineering innovations to work with its radical new kayak rudder, which sports a unique combination of practical and high-performance features.

What sets SEA-LECT Designs' rudder apart?

  1. Multi-position injection molded blade enables kayakers to adjust rudder depth to suit conditions
  2. Rudder pulls up and pivots forward when not in use
  3. No additional hardware for steering wire or rope connection is necessary
  4. Foil-shaped blade slices through the water with minimum drag
  5. Very Lightweigth; the whole rudder weighs only 1.4 LBS


  • Tough, durable engineered polymer and stainless steel components ensure top performance and reliability
  • Can be retrofit to most kayaks designed for rudder
  • Compliments SEA-LECT Designs' adjustable Rudder Control Foot Brace
  • International patent pending


Steering cable/rope are connected to the rudder with the stainless steel clamps.

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Good afternoon Sandra,

The top plate on the Chesapeake Light Boat rudder mount needed to be bent upward to match the downward slope of the deck. The bend restricts rudder rotation only slightly as the rudder approaches 90 degrees on either side.

The cable housings were anchored with a light gauge stainless strap .5” x about 2.75” that was folded over two ¼ “ bolts to retain room for the cables and then anchored with second screw on the mount top plate. The holes in the deck were ¼”. After drilling them, the drill was “pushed” over parallel to the gunwale to create very shallow angled entries for the cable housings.

The Phoenix Isere comes with Yakima (Werner) adjustable aluminum foot rests. Werner makes heavy plastic extrusions that allow the standard track and foot rest assemblies to slide back and forth to control the rudder.

The rudder changed the entire set of handling characteristics on the kayak. You have now seen the absolute limits of my technical abilities.

Kenneth D.Maddrey


Click for exploded diagram and parts list for Sea-Lect TrueCourse Rudder
Click to view or download a 4 page PDF SeaLect Rudder system installation guide.

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K748300 17" 3" 3/8" 6-1/4" 4-1/4"

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