Open Sailboats to 14'

  • Sinbad Nesting Dinghy Plans PDF

    Sinbad Nesting Dinghy Plans PDF

    A nesting dinghy for your yacht Plans for this dinghy consist of two A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions. Principal dimensions:   L.O.A. 3.08 m (10' 1") Beam 1.43 m (4' 8") Sail area 5.20 m2 (56 sqft) ...
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  • Today 11 Plans

    Today 11 Plans

    This useful dinghy was commissioned from us by the magazine SAILING TODAY and features as a series of articles on her construction in the Feb, March and April 1999 issues. the magazine wanted a simple but attractive plywood craft to be built using...
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  • Micro Mouse Free Plans

    Micro Mouse Free Plans

     Free plans. To download the file, click HERE I've had a number of requests for a still smaller Mouse, and the Micro Mouse is it! However, I also wanted to create a official Mouse with a flat bottom and curved sides for, although the...
  • Piccup Squared Plans PDF

    Piccup Squared Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram was my first design to get built. Here is a photo of Chris Feller's up Chicago way. She is shown with the original 55 square foot rig. I still have the boat. The sail rig has been experimented with many times but the hull is identical today...
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  • Ten Footers: Zen, Polly, Junior, Scheggia Plans

    Ten Footers: Zen, Polly, Junior, Scheggia Plans

    Four stitch and glue day sailers Let us now consider these four Ten-footers which have a common (stitch and glue) method of construction and a chine hull. It is perhaps necessary to explain why there are four projects on this theme. Firstly, the...
    $69.00 - $85.00
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  • Pacific Pelican Plans PDF

    Pacific Pelican Plans PDF

    If you prefer printed plans for Pacific Pelican, click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation Much loved by those who have come to appreciate the logic behind the design The Pacific Pelican is a special creation,...
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  • Catbox Plans

    Catbox Plans

    Note: You can purchase Catbox plans by using the "Add to Cart" button above, or you can download a free PDF file containing the plans by clicking HEREIn recent years I've seen several PDR boats at our Rend Lake meets. Chuck Leinweber asked me to...
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  • Highlander 14 - Sailing Version Plans

    Highlander 14 - Sailing Version Plans

    The Highlander 14' has comfortable sitting room for up to 8 people and with it's two athwartship rowing benches is an easily handled and stable pulling boat. With her loose footed lug rig she makes the ideal sailing craft for family sailing, club use...
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  • Yakyak 425 Sport Supplement PDF

    Yakyak 425 Sport Supplement PDF

    Yakyak 425 "Sport" Supplement (optional)(NOTE: You also need the Yakyak 425 plans to build the boat) Floats, beam, rudder and larger sail option. 1 sheets of 1/6 or 1/5 ACX plywood. Yakyak 425 Sport Sail area 35 Sq.Ft
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  • 11' South Coast Scow Plans

    11' South Coast Scow Plans

    The clinker scow is a very popular little dinghy on the South Coast of England. Many are raced regularly by enthusiasts and many a big boat sailor learnt their seamanship on boats such as these. We were asked to draw up this example to replace a...
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  • Saturday Night Special Printed Plans

    Saturday Night Special Printed Plans

    If you prefer a digital download to the printed plans, click HERE I love the long expedition type events, The Texas 200, the Florida 120, the Everglades Challenge, all of which are challenging events which can be completed in boats that are not...
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  • Highlander 9' Plans

    Highlander 9' Plans

    Because most of our designs have their offsets and panel shapes stored on the computer, altering a particular design to suit a clients individual requirements of length, beam and draft, can be undertaken easily and quickly. The Highlander 9' is a good...
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  • Dixi Dinghy Plans

    Dixi Dinghy Plans

    Multi-purpose, can be rowed, motored or sailed and is light enough for one person to lift on and off the family car or yacht. Simple stitch and glue construction, it can be built with the minimum of tools, no previous boatbuilding experience and in...
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  • Vita Dinghy Plans PDF

    Vita Dinghy Plans PDF

    It is axiomatic that the jack of all trades does nothing well. There are exceptions, however. The Vita Dinghy is one. A list of desirable attributes might include the following: easy construction with minimal skills, low cost, permanently tight, strong...
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  • 12' Nuthatch Pram Sailing Version Plans PDF

    12' Nuthatch Pram Sailing Version Plans PDF

    After designing and building the 8ft Nuthatch Pram, I thought that a larger version of the hull would be a good fit in my series of stitch and glue boats. This is the finished design of the12ft"fishing" version, and I have a 14ft version in the early...
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  • Flattie Skiff Printed Plans

    Flattie Skiff Printed Plans

    Click HERE for digital download for these plans A small flat iron skiff for sail, oar or small outboard These plans consist of 60 pages of instructions, diagrams and photos. You have two options for purchase. You can order a printed version that is...
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  • Light Melonseed Plans PDF

    Light Melonseed Plans PDF

    A seaworthy gunning skiff 13'6" x 4' {4.1m x 1.22m} 65 sq ft of sail area, utilizing a standing lug sail Maximum recommended capacity is 450lbs/205kg For Light Melonseed printed plans, click HERE "A very seaworthy gunning skiff once popular in New...
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  • Cegall 11' Plans

    Cegall 11' Plans

    The Cegall has been designed for Chippendale Craft and is very much based upon the 14' Kingfisher design. The method of construction is just the same with a pre-shaped ply centre girder forming the centreboard case and stem - this is epoxied to the...
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  • Light Trow Free Plans

    Light Trow Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE It's cheeky, really, to call this a trow. Along the South Coast of England, a trow is either a heavy barge, or a heavily-built rocker-less flat-bottomed rowing boat traditionally used on the Fleet, the...
  • Unicat 2.4S Plans PDF

    Unicat 2.4S Plans PDF

    After many requests, I have designed the new Unicat 2.4 - S, A sailing version of the popular Unicat 2.4 dinghy. For Full Sized Patterns for Unicat 2.4S, Click HERE Designed to be simple, practical, and fast, the 2.4-S retains all the features of the...
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  • The Edge Free Plans

    The Edge Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE This is another of my Mouse series of small stitch and tape sailing dinghies designed to deliver the most fun I can squeeze out of a minimum of materials and construction work. In this case the main...
  • Westray 9 Plans

    Westray 9 Plans

    Several years ago I was asked by PJS Boats to draw up a modified Highlander 16 dayboat with a real seagoing jaunty sheer and plenty of stability to take a powerful rig. The Westray 16 was born and later they asked me to design a smaller dinghy in...
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  • Hot Rat Free Plans

    Hot Rat Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE This design had an unlikely genesis - it began with an email from a US Army chaplain stationed 'somewhere' in northern Iraq asking for a simple, cheap Mouse-derived design he could build and race with his...
  • Moth 11 Plans

    Moth 11 Plans

    Length 3.35mDesigner: Paolo LodigianiChine hull, Stitch & Glue constructionBuilding Skills: Amateur The origins of the Moth class go as far back as 1930 and the basic idea - very similar to the Ten footer, was to allow with very small boats freedom...
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  • Aludink Aluminum Dinghy Plans PDF

    Aludink Aluminum Dinghy Plans PDF

    An Aluminum Motor/Sail Dinghy Plans for this dinghy consist of two A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions. Visit the Wavedancer website Principal dimensions: L.O.A. 3.44 m (11' 3"), Beam 1.42 m (4'...
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  • 9' 6" Laura Bay Plans PDF

    9' 6" Laura Bay Plans PDF

    Free Study Plans - click HERE Laura Bay Specifications Length: 9' 6"Beam: 52"Weight: 70 lbsMax Outboard: 3hpMaximum Load: 450 lbs The 9.5 Laura Bay came about from a phone conversation I had with a local yacht designer who was looking for a dingy...
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  • Piccup Pram Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram was the first boat of my design to get built, back in 1990, I think. I still have the prototype and use it regularly. I designed it to be the best sail/row boat I could put in the back of my short bed pick up truck. But I found it to be a...
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  • 14' Padilla Bay Plans

    14' Padilla Bay Plans

    This hull will be the first one of the three 14 footers that I have finished the hull design for. The double ended Chocolate Bay hull, and the "wider" transom version of the Padilla Bay; I'm calling the Liberty Bay, will be out later when the time allows...
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  • Alby Plans PDF

    Alby Plans PDF

    7ft 7-1/4in x 4ft 2-1/2in x 6in Stripped weight approximately 30kg/66lbs Alby was designed primarily to meet the requirements of a high-capacity tender. The world is full of designs for 7-1/2 foot Prams, and you wouldn't think that there was a need for...
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  • Drake 13' Sharpie Plans

    Drake 13' Sharpie Plans

    The DRAKE 13 fits snuggly between the 11 and 18 footers and offers a lighweight and roomy dinghy/dayboat for family sailing. She can be built with or without the centreboard and rig to offer a simple rowing boat that can be used as a utility tender for...
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  • DP14 Plans

    DP14 Plans

    Lenght 4.20m Designer: Paolo Lodigiani Chine hull, Stitch & Glue construction Building Skills: amateur Simplicity of construction, user friendliness (both for single or double) and high performance - all of this with reasonable costs. These are the...
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  • 13'4" Selway Fisher Melonseed Skiff Plans

    13'4" Selway Fisher Melonseed Skiff Plans

    The 13'4" Melonseed skiff follows the same lineage as her 16' sister (below) and in fact, you will probably find more of this length than the longer boat around the shores of New Jersey. This shorter example has a pierced toe rail which was...
    $27.00 - $135.00
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  • Scow 450 Plans PDF

    Scow 450 Plans PDF

    15 foot simple cruising sailboat for four, designed for protected or inlands waters. I started this design in 2010, and it became my own “Norwegian Wood” - a Little yacht that I use mainly on the local lake. This one is a much larger boat...
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  • Yakyak 425 Plans PDF

    Yakyak 425 Plans PDF

    YakYak 425 A sailing Sit On Top kayak for two. Plywood epoxy building on a central backbone and light frames. 4 sheets of 1/4 ACX plywood. The plans detail all the parts and panels dimension, the parts nesting on plywood sheets, two rigs, a complete...
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  • 12'4" Petite Brise Plans

    12'4" Petite Brise Plans

    We have 4 or 5 Swampscotts (plus several other Dories of different type) with their rockered bottom panel and rounded topsides. The Petite Brise 12'4" Dory Skiff was designed to be used as the new tender for the famous Jolie Brise French Pilot...
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  • Highlander 10' Plans

    Highlander 10' Plans

    The 10' Highlander uses 3 sheets of 6mm (1/4") ply and is considerably larger than it's smaller sister and is ideal for use as a general purpose tender or fishing boat. Her lug rig makes her ideal for teaching children to sail and her topsides are high...
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  • Janette Printed Plans

    Janette Printed Plans

    For Janette Plans Digital Download, click HERE The original "Jane", designed in 1985 sold almost 100 sets of plans showing the strong popularity of the simple, inexpensive multi purpose boat of this size. "Jane's" seem to stay with their owners for a...
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  • Naut 395 Plans PDF

    Naut 395 Plans PDF

    Naut395  Metric LOA 3.95 m – 13‘ Beam 1.68 m – 5.5‘ Sail Area 5.7 / 8 m² - 62 / 86 Sq.Ft A bigger Naut 350 for two. A fast planning hull with Imoca lines 9 sheets of ACX 6 mm, 1/4 plywood. Simple stitch & tape...
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  • Stornoway 12 Plans

    Stornoway 12 Plans

    Second in what will become a classic range of craft is the Stornoway 12. She has 6 planks per side giving her a lovely round hull. The standard drawings give the plank shapes for stitch and epoxy construction but as with all our designs, we can...
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  • Daniel's Boat Printed Plans

    Daniel's Boat Printed Plans

    For Daniel's Boat Plans Digital Download, click HERE Twelve year old Daniel had pretty much outgrown his Stuart Reid designed miniature flat bottomed skiff, and father Wayne Chittenden had arranged to stay with me over one Christmas to do a spot of...
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  • Catboat Plans - Hard Chine Version

    Catboat Plans - Hard Chine Version

    Hard Chine Catboat Line Drawing Study Plan The Catboat In the winter of 2012 a very good friend leant me an old copy of Nautical Quarterly. An article about Catboats caught my attention - I was and still am taken by their beautiful lines...
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  • Houdini Printed Plans

    Houdini Printed Plans

    For Houdini study plan download, click HERE For Houdini Full plan digital download, click HERE I had planned on using the sports rowing boat Seagull as my getaway boat over the Christmas period but when out on the river with a group of the Traditional...
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  • Highlander 12' Plans

    Highlander 12' Plans

    Using just 4 sheets of 1/4" ply, the 12' Highlander is a lot of boat for it's material cost, and with it's wide side benches and an easily handled sprit rig, it is an ideal dinghy to teach children to sail or to simply potter about in. With buoyancy...
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  • Electric Schock Free Plans

    Electric Schock Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Craig O'Donnell sent me a collection of jpegs of an old skiff design drawn by Edwin Schock some time ago, which made me think that I should draw up a ply-and-epoxy version of the plans and make them...
  • Flying Mouse Free Plans

    Flying Mouse Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Flying Mouse is an exercise to develop just about the smallest, cheapest possible sailing boat I can conceive. As a result, it's not a boat to which you can safely trust your life in any sort of waves -...
  • 9'4" Northumbrian Coble Plans

    9'4" Northumbrian Coble Plans

    This is the smallest version of our highly successful Northumbrian Coble range of cruising dinghies. She can sail with 2 crew or row/motor with 3 and has plenty of reserve buoyancy in her lines—she has the same tumblehome, generous freeboard and deep...
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  • 10'6" Northumbrian Coble Plans

    10'6" Northumbrian Coble Plans

    The concept of the Northumbrian 10'6" came from the need to have a sturdy and very seaworthy small working dinghy which could be rowed, sailed and motored easily and which would weigh no more than 70 lbs or so. She also had to have a striking appearance...
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  • Pepita Plans

    Pepita Plans

    Pepita was designed in 1979 by Joe Dobler, a small boat designer from Manhattan Beach, California to requirements from Justin Pipkorn. Justin built and used the first version for several years. Joe redesigned the boat to make the planking easier and...
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  • Golden Bay/Setnet Printed Plans

    Golden Bay/Setnet Printed Plans

    For Golden Bay/Setnet Plans Digital Download, click HERE I was fiddling around with the scale models and drawings for a proposed series of flat bottomed skiffs when Richard Desborough visited. I've known Dick for more years than either of us care to...
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  • Mixer Plans PDF

    Mixer Plans PDF

    Mixer is a stab at mixing some features of my prams with the features of the original Roar rowboat. The prototype Mixer was built to perfection by David Boston of Factoryville, Pa. That's him sailing on vacation in Maine.Mixer's beam is half way between...
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