12'6" Northumbrian Coble Plans

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The concept of the Northumbrian 10'6" came from the need to have a sturdy and very seaworthy small working dinghy which could be rowed, sailed and motored easily and which would weigh no more than 70 lbs or so. She also had to have a striking appearance and on looking around at some of our traditional working craft, l revisited drawings that l had done some while ago of Yorkshire Cobles These Cobles were used for fishing and foying (tending shipping) in the rugged conditions of the NE coast and North Sea. She retains the generous freeboard and high stem of the Yorkshire Cobles along with their shapely well raked transoms, tumblehome and striking reverse sheer line.
The 12'6" version uses a gunter rig and has a beam of 4'11". She uses 6mm (1/4") ply - around 5 sheets and has an approx. weight of 120 lbs. Her high forward freeboard and veed forward sections means that she will throw off water in rough seas. Like her smaller sister, she has tumblehome in her topsides from amidships aft making her easy to row whilst giving a generous waterline beam and stable sections.


12'6" Northumbrian Coble Particulars

LOA 12'6" 3.81m
Beam 4'11" 1.5m
Hull Mid Depth 1'8" 0.5m
Draft 6 3/4"/3' 1 1/2" 0.17/0.95m
Sail Area 86 sq.ft. 8.04 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 120 lbs 54.42 kg
Hull Shape Multi chine 5 planks per side with tumblehome aft
Construction Method Stitch and tape - moulds/jig also given for clinker ply
Major plywood requirements for hull 5 sheets of 6mm 5 veneer exterior or marine plywood
Guidance Use 3 adults rowing/motoring - 2 adults plus child sailing
Drawing/Design Package 6 x A1 drawings (2 internal arrangements) + 7 x A4 instruction sheets
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