Open Sailboats to 14'

  • Flying Mouse Free Plans

    Flying Mouse Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Flying Mouse is an exercise to develop just about the smallest, cheapest possible sailing boat I can conceive. As a result, it's not a boat to which you can safely trust your life in any sort of waves -...

  • 9'4" Northumbrian Coble Plans

    9'4" Northumbrian Coble Plans

    This is the smallest version of our highly successful Northumbrian Coble range of cruising dinghies. She can sail with 2 crew or row/motor with 3 and has plenty of reserve buoyancy in her lines—she has the same tumblehome, generous freeboard and deep...

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  • 10'6" Northumbrian Coble Plans

    10'6" Northumbrian Coble Plans

    The concept of the Northumbrian 10'6" came from the need to have a sturdy and very seaworthy small working dinghy which could be rowed, sailed and motored easily and which would weigh no more than 70 lbs or so. She also had to have a striking appearance...

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  • Pepita Plans

    Pepita Plans

    Pepita was designed in 1979 by Joe Dobler, a small boat designer from Manhattan Beach, California to requirements from Justin Pipkorn. Justin built and used the first version for several years. Joe redesigned the boat to make the planking easier and...

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  • Viola 14 Sailing Canoe Plans PDF

    Viola 14 Sailing Canoe Plans PDF

    The Viola 14 is intended to be a very easy and light boat to transport and get onto the water. It is meant to appeal to racing dinghy sailors and others who will be able to push this light boat hard. It is not a normal sailing canoe shape. It is...

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  • Golden Bay/Setnet Printed Plans

    Golden Bay/Setnet Printed Plans

    I was fiddling around with the scale models and drawings for a proposed series of flat bottomed skiffs when Richard Desborough visited. I've known Dick for more years than either of us care to admit to and for a lot of those years He has been going...

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  • Mixer Plans PDF

    Mixer Plans PDF

    Mixer is a stab at mixing some features of my prams with the features of the original Roar rowboat. The prototype Mixer was built to perfection by David Boston of Factoryville, Pa. That's him sailing on vacation in Maine.Mixer's beam is half way between...

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  • Oz Racer RV Plans PDF

    Oz Racer RV Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE Michael Storer's OzRacer RV doesn't replace the mk2 .. the OzRacer Mk2 is still the better performing of the two and will be enjoyed more by experienced sailors. The RV is a simpler RECREATIONALLY oriented boat with almost...

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  • Sentinel Challenger 13 Plans

    Sentinel Challenger 13 Plans

    An attractive and versatile dinghy of traditional styling, the Challenger 13 offers lots of fun for the whole family.Multi-purpose, she can be rowed, motored or sailed.Traditional lapstrake construction, but built with modern plywood and epoxy materials...

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  • Micro Sail Boat Plans PDF

    Micro Sail Boat Plans PDF

    The idea for The MICRO came from Craig Titmus, of Australia, who wanted a simple and fun portable sailboat design..It includes an ample beam and freeboard, small sail, gear storage, seating for one, and safety buoyancy. The unique hull shape was...

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  • Yakyak 365 Plans PDF

    Yakyak 365 Plans PDF

    12' x 30” – 75 Lbs. Sail area 17 / 20 Sq.Ft. A sailing Sit On Top kayak for one adult or two teenagers. Plywood epoxy building on a central backbone and light frames. 4 sheets of 1/4 ACX plywood...

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