18'6" Silent Explorer

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For moving silently up remote quiet creeks and rivers to picnic amongst the Willows and enjoy country side not seen by many, we have designed this attractive electric canoe.

Construction uses the strip plank process using computer faired mould shapes and she is powered by a Mini Kota type electric outboard. She can take 3 or 4 adults. She could be fitted with a canopy or with steam power.

Silent Explorer Particulars

LOA 18'6" 5.64m
Beam 39" 0.99m
Hull Mid Depth 16 1/2" 0.42m
Approx. Dry Weight incl. batteries 250lbs 115kg
Approx. Capacity 3-4 adults

Hull Shape

Round bilge with tumblehome
Construction Method Cedar strip plank
Major strip wood requirements for hull 1575' of 3/8" x 13/16" (480m of 9x20mm) WRC
Guidance Use River electric canoeing
Drawing/Design Package 7 x A1 drawings incl. full-size moulds and the additional moulds for a 21' version + 4 x A4 instruction sheets

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