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a Newer version of the discontinued Ooze Goose.

The full plans contain both the OZ Goose plans and the Explorer Supplement - both are needed to build this boat. If you already have the plans for OZ Goose, you can build the Explorer by also purchasing the Explorer Supplement.

Goose Explorer:

Length 3666mm ( 12`3/8" )

Beam 1220mm ( 4` )

Goose Explorer is a cabin version of Michael storer´s OZ Goose sailboat with a bit more rocker.

These plans are supplements to OZ Goose plans and do not include plans for foils, sails and spars. Those parts must be build according OZ Goose plans.

The sail is similar to OZ Racer (lug rig ), Ocean Explorer and OZ Goose, so if you have built one of those boats you can use rig and foils also on Goose Explorer. Ready-made sail can be purchased HERE.

The OZ Goose has a stronger mast - it is possible that OZ Racer or Ocean Explorer´s mast might break in heavy wind! So I recommend building the mast according to OZ Goose plans.

The small cabin provides a cosy space for two or plenty of space for one sailor. The cockpit is really big so this boat is surprisingly spacey for its size.

With suitable winds this boat hops to plane - hii o hoi.


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