Long Steps Sail Hardware Package

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Here is John Welsford's recommended list of sail rigging hardware for Long Steps

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19 RF134 Saddle
6 RL-308-A Cheek Block
1 RL-708-AD Double Cheek Block
6 SD-043050 5" Nylon Horn Cleat
3 SD-088721 Cast Eye Plate
6 RL-269-S Camcleat with Strap
22 Short Oval Parrel Beads
1 RL-425H Hounds Fitting
2 RL-305-B Halyard Pulley
1 RF20212 Double block with becket
1 RF20202 Double Block
1 RF30100 Single Block
1 RL-713-CBW Double Block with Becket
1 RF41200 Double Block
1 VIA20.09 Camcleat with Swivel & Fairlead
1 RL-305-B Single Block
1 RL-305-A Single Block
1 RL-325H Mizzen Hounds
1 RF41200 Double Block
1 RF81 Double Block
1 RF81 Double Block
1 RF681 Single Becket Block
1 SD-043040 4" Nylon Horn Cleat
2 SD-088721 Cast Eye Plate
1 VIA25.50 Cam Cleat
1 VIA25.15 Fairlead for above

Occassionally we will make substitutions when parts are out of stock. A few of these parts have already been changed from John Welsford's list as a few parts are no longer available.

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