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After many requests, I have designed the new Unicat 2.4 - S, A sailing version of the popular Unicat 2.4 dinghy.

For Full Sized Patterns for Unicat 2.4S, Click HERE

Designed to be simple, practical, and fast, the 2.4-S retains all the features of the original design, the hull, seats and consruction are the same, but the boat can now be sailed as well as rowed and motored.

The excellent stability of the Unicat hull, combined with a large 4.5 square meter Lug sail make this a powerful sailboat. The hull is easily driven, yet is capable of a high hull speed, so this boat will perform well in all conditions.

The mast is un-stayed, can be built from wood or aluminium tubing, and the whole rig can be set up easily in minutes. The daggerboard is offset to the port side, to keep it clear of the aerated water in the middle of the inverted vee. The rudder is mounted in a case and retracts vertically, but it is held in place with shock cords so it will kick up safely if run aground.

This simple, affordable sailboat is suitable for sailors and builders of all skill levels. Stitch and glue construction makes this boat very easy to build.

James Brett

Marine Designer

Auckland, New Zealand



LOA - 2.4m
BOA -€“ 1.2m
Sail Area - 4.5m2
Load Capacity -€“ 230kg (3 persons)

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