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Hello Chuck,

In the near future you will receive from PAUL AUSTIN an article regarding a boat I designed around his current needs. It is called APRIL LOVE, after his Daughter, and is composed of 4 modules which bolt together to form a complete hull. The design is multi-functional, and can be rowed, paddled, trolling motor powered or sailed. Each of these functions have additional features, or additions, and an optional center module can even accommodate a second occupant. I tell you this because I think the boat will also appeal to many of your other readers, due to it's lightweight modules (easy to transport) and various feature options. So, I am attaching the Plans for your posting with my other portable boat plans. There is a plan set for the basic Hull(s), and a plan set for the Sail Rig. Each is self supporting. One can build the complete boat and later decide they want the sail option, and simple modifications can be made to accommodate the daggerboard, rudder and mast / boom assemblies. The design uses my Folding Mast and Boom, to allow better transport. For the timid, there are built-in air cells for additional safety.

Not having built this boat myself, I will leave the construction facts up to Paul. I do have a very good sense about the design, as it embodies many of the proven details from my previous boats, and it has good lines. Assembly should be straight forward, and it uses my Tape & Glue Process to enhance hull strength and longevity. It is not a big boat, about 3 feet wide and less than 8 feet long in rowing setup. The sail version adds 1 foot in length to the hull, for better balance and performance.

Sample pages from the plans:
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Overall, I am very pleased the way the design evolved, and I think Paul will use his wonderful phrasing to aptly describe the building experience. I have not seen any photos of the finished product, and wait in anticipation for the article to be posted. I am attaching a couple of pages of the plans for your inclusion. Both plans are attached.

As always, thank you, and Sandra, for your dedication to the small boat builder experience. Duckworks is a daily excursion for me, and I am sure for thousands of others!

Best regards,


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