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There is now a sail supplement available for this boat HERE

I have another design completed and tested for you. It's called The WEDGE, and it obviously gets it's name from it's shape. This is a two occupant boat, with good freeboard and stand-up stability. It is composed of 2 modules that nest for transport. Typical of my designs, it will fit in any Truck or SUV, and even some hatchback cars. I designed it as a midsize boat (my portable boat terminology) for use by hunters and fishermen, or just as a good all round utility boat.

The WEDGE can also be outfitted with a small sail, 30 square feet, for those who want to dabble in sailing with a simple rig that is easy to transport. The mast and boom fold for storage. (The WEDGE SAIL plans are separate, and not yet completed. When fully tested I will send those for your inclusion.)

WEDGE is a displacement hull, and hull speed is calculated at 4 mph, not bad for it's nearly 8 foot length. With a 40 pound thrust trolling motor, I have topped out at 3.8 mph. WEDGE is not a lightweight, it is rugged and designed for carrying 2 people with gear. As a result, with a weight of 80 pounds, it is not a boat that can be easily portaged. That being said, it is easy to set up at water's edge. As defined by some photos in the plans, it can go from truck to water in less than 6 minutes, ready to safely motor away. Besides a trolling motor, it can also accept up to a 2.5 hp gas outboard. The wedge shape is unusual, but it leaves little wake and tolerates choppy water, and is a result of form and function coming together to provide a successful working design.

Maiden Voyage Photos & Report:

As you can see from the time stamps on the photos, only 6 minutes required to get it water ready.

Sample page from Plans:

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Plans consist of a single PDF download which has 50 pages of instructions, photos and drawings.

don't forget to visit www.PortableBoatPlans.Com for new designs and updates.

Happy Boating!
Ken Simpson, Designer

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