Small Boat Head System

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  • Small Boat Head System
  • Small Boat Head System
  • Small Boat Head System
  • Small Boat Head System
  • Small Boat Head System
  • Small Boat Head System
  • Small Boat Head System


Perfect for any small boat without a built-in head

Over the years we've tried a variety of different "heads" on small boats from fold-down seats with waste bags to chemical porta-potties and each has had its pros and cons. But it's taken us years to come up with what we think is the best system for a really small boat or beach-cruiser, where space is at a premium and everything aboard must serve at least two purposes.
Recently we were on a small-boat cruise where we carried a sealed 5-gallon bucket that held toilet paper and waste bags inside, and could be sat on for use as a portable head. This worked pretty well as the sealed bucket kept the toiletries dry inside and because it's never a bad idea to have a bucket around for other uses, but it was so large that it was difficult to find a spot to stow.
And then we discovered these 3.5 gallon buckets. As strong or stronger than the 5 gallon buckets, these 3.5 gallon models are still tall enough to sit on reasonably comfortably, and they are MUCH easier to stow. We also found a model with a heavy rope handle as opposed to the less comfortable wire bail handle that's likely to rust. These 3.5 buckets have the same diameter as the 5 gallon, which means they remain compatible with accessories like the following:
First, we wanted a watertight lid, but in keeping with the idea of making these bucket heads serve multiple purposes, we found stout, padded lids designed as seats. Need an extra chair at the beach campfire? Done. Very comfortable.
Second, in order to use the bucket as a head, all of the toiletries obviously have to come out first. We found these handy "bucket caddy" removable tray organizers that slide right in and out of the bucket and keep everything sorted.
Third, we discovered a company making toilet seat lids that snap down onto these buckets. These seats attach snugly in place and offer much more comfortable seating than the hard bucket edge or unsanitary jury-rigged padding. The bucket toilet sits have their own hinged toilet-seat lid, although in most boat-camping situations we imagine removing the toilet seat after use, sealing the waste bag, dropping the caddy back in place, and snapping on the watertight seat-top lid.
Finally, we also found these special rubberized bucket bases. They add stability and are designed to stop the bucket from sliding on deck or scratching paint. The are U.V. resistant and durable.
Duckworks is now able to offer all of these parts together as a "Bucket Head Kit" at a price that compares favorably with the least expensive chemical port-potties and is, we think, infinitely more useful. In addition to its use as a seat and a head, the bucket with heavy hope handle can be used for other hard work aboard as needed. Perfect also for land camping and emergency prep purposes.
Bucket diameter is 12" and height is 11-¼". With toilet seat attached, height overall is 12" and diameter approximately 13 inches.
Rolls of 10 biodegradable Plastic Toilet Liner Sanitation bags available. (One roll included with complete kit)
Purchase the complete kit or just individual components to build your setup.

*Please note that, especially with first few uses, the Seat Lid and Toilet Seat go on very snugly and might be difficult to install. They are factory-mated parts, so they DO fit. As these plastic parts do flex some with repeated use it's better that they fit tight than loose.

Small Boat Head Bucket Base

Small Boat Head Bucket Seat Lid

Small Boat Head Caddy

Small Boat Head Bucket Only

Small Boat Head System Toilet Seat

Small Boat Head Complete System
- includes all 5 components above
plus one roll of 10 liner bags.


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Additional Information

"Complete System" includes all the items below including one roll of liner bags but does not include any gel packets
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