Shark 9-1/2" 17 & 9 TPI FineCut Double PullSaw®

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$17.43 - $24.10


Shark 10-2440

This is a double pullsaw with a straight handle at a better price than the Japanese double pullsaw that we sell elsewhere. Besides the carpentry and cabinet making stuff listed below, you will use this saw for all parts of boat building, from cuttin out panels to trimming ribs and stringers. You won't believe how quickly and smoothly these saws cut.

The blades and handles for this and the Super FineCut Saw are interchangeable - to save money while having both saws in your toolbox, buy one and the replacement blade for the other.

Here is some of the company boilerplate

The FineCut Doubie Saw's thin flexible blade cuts exceptionally straight both across and with the wood grain. Finish carpenters, flooring protessionais, and skilled woodworkers use this saw for precision work and for flush and other difficult cuts. Its long straight handle allows overhead cuts and it easily cuts large pieces of foam board, plywood, particle board, and melamine without chipping.

The blade is made from the finest Japanese hi-carbon spring steel and the trip|e-edged teeth are diamond-ground and specially hardened for long-lasting sharpness and fast, effortless, clean cuts.

The handle has soft elastomer for a comfortable and secure grip. The simple twist-lock blade removes easily for quick and easy replacement and compact storage.


Start your cut by pulling the saw towards you without downward pressure; let the weight of the saw do the cutting. Sharksaws® only require 20% of the effort of a traditional push saw. Use long, smooth strokes. Do not use heavy pressure in pushing the saw forward in the kerf. Your Sharksaw® will cut at any angle, even undercutting (From the bottom up]; just use long, smooth strokes.


Turn the red knob to loosen the blade. Hold blade at its shoulder and pull from the handle. Just reverse this action to replace and secure the new blade. CAUTION: Always place the tooth guard on the blade be-fore removing the blade.


Extremely sharp teeth. Use extra care in handling or replacing tooth guard. Wear eye protection as a general safety rule. Keep out of children's reach.

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