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Gyokucho Double Edge Razorsaws

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$24.99 - $54.99


I have used these off and on and especially liked one that I tried in DavidNichols' shop once. So I asked what kind it was and bought one for my shop. I have been using it for six months or so and it has become my go to saw. Where once I would grab a jig saw or small battery powered skill type saw, I now pick up this pull saw for cutting or trimming on any boat building project. Also, there are lots of times when a piece of wood needs to be trimmed flush and this saw is perfect for those jobs.

David told me that the teeth, while sharp enough to draw blood if you grab the saw right (or, wrong), are also delicate and will not hold up to nails or tacks in the wood. He suggested that I keep a good blade for clean wood and an older one for questionable work - so we got some replacement blades. It takes just a second to change them.

7" model -
Cross-cut: 19 tpi and Rip: 9 tpi
10-3/4" model -
Cross-cut: 11 tpi and Rip: 6 tpi


The Only Tool I Had That Would do the Job

I got in trouble today, lots of trouble. I put the mast step in the wrong place. It is Australian spotted gum hardwood - hard as nails and close grained. It had to be moved. I gave it a whack with the hammer. I knew it would not move and it didn't. I hit it with a chisel and tried prying if off - nothing except my dog ran back inside (she was sitting under the boat at the time).

I stuck it with foaming polyurtherane glue fortunately and I got out the Japanese pull saw Chuck sold me and started cutting it off. That saw is magic. I had no other tool to do the job. The saw has real might and it cut it flush off in no time. I used the side with the larger teeth. I don't know what the larger teeth are for but it did the job. It shook the boat about but I got it off. Note to self, put the mast step on at the same time as the partner. Thanks Chuck

Mike John

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