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This is another small-size version that is “Water Ready”. Ample space & proportions, with flip over rear module. Square transom for added buoyancy. Hull is all straight lines for very easy construction. It is stand up stable, roomy and practical, and looks good too. (Similar to the Micro CC, but wider & longer)

Thanks to Craig Titmus for the original concept.

Capacity = about 450 pounds
Hull weight = about 85 pounds
(Rear module about 35 pounds)
Draft = 5” Maximum
Hull Speed = 5 MPH Max
5MM Ply 4x8 sheet = 2 pieces (Hull)
3/8”Ply - 4x8 sheet = 1-1/2 pieces (Base)
1/2”Ply - 4x8 sheet = 1 piece (Seats)
1x2x8' framing lumber = 12 pieces

The request for The PCC came from a reader, for a Personal Cruiser that seats 2, that is easy to transport, includes an ample beam, good freeboard, generous internal volume, multi-seating, and safety buoyancy. It is sturdy, easy to build, portable and utilizes up to a 3 hp gas outboard motor for power.

To have strength and yet be lightweight, the plans use some non-traditional methods of assembly, specifically the “Tape & Glue 2” construction process developed and incorporated by the designer. This provides a durable, yet truly portable, finished boat, and the building process is easily mastered by the home handyman and amateur boat builder. As a result, only hand tools, a jig-saw, a power drill and a large carpenters square, scissors, and tape measure are all that will be required throughout the assembly process.

Seating choice is also up to the builder. I have bench seat and beach chair data on the plans. It should also be noted that the hull modules can be glued and screwed together, for those that do not have limitations of storage or transportation.

The hull could be constructed using 1/4” plywood, for greater durability, or the exterior could also be fiberglassed, allowing yet thinner and lighter plywood hull building material.
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