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The AQUA SPORT CRUISER was specifically designed for 2 purposes. First, when nested, it had to fit in the trunk of most cars, and second, it had to be capable of accepting a smal outboard motor for power, anything under 2.5hp. It also had to be economical to build and operate. The finished design uses 1-1/2 sheets of plywood, plus 1x2 lumber for supports and skids. Final cost of the prototype, including fittings and paint, was only $130.

ACS fits in the trunk!

This lone occupant boat can be paddled, rowed, or motor powered, gas or electric. Because it is constructed of all straight lines, no curved surfaces, it is easy and foolproof to assemble.

Typical module construction

Ideal for beginners, but tough enough for the pros. The ASC clicks off a lot of the boxes for practical use and convenience. Don't forget, no trailer required! And, with the optional sun canopy, it then becomes a fishermans joy. The plans also describe an enlarged version for two occupant use, capable of salt water use, due to it's greater freeboard and length.

ASC modules ready for paint

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Happy Boating!
Ken Simpson, Designer

Modules painted

SIMPLE B.O.M my actual cost

1 -sheet 1/4" plywood = $25.95
½ -sheet 1/2" plywood = $17.65
1 -Roll Ultra-Thin FibaTape = 6.98
4 -Bottle 16oz TB3 Glue = 27.90
4 -1"x2"x 8' Framing Lumber = $3.88
1 -2"x3"x 8' Lumber = 2.05
1 -Box #8 x 3/4" wood screws = $4.65
3 -3/8"-16 T-Nuts = $1.50
3 -3/8"-16 Hex Bolts, 2" Long = $2.50
3 -1-1/2" Washers for 3/8" bolts = $1.50
1 pr.- SD Nylon Oar Lock set = $6.00
1 -Deck Plate, 6" SeaDog = $10
Paint: 2 quarts of ACE Royal Enamel
Almond & Regal Red = $20
Total (so far) = $ 130.56 + sales tax
Paint & Trim Color is your choice.

ready for water tests

sample from plans - click to enlarge

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