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MaXi is a trailer-able catamaran for amateur construction. The beam of the boat is 2,44m. It can have also water ballast. The wing seat adds a tremendous amount of stability. With its bouncy device on the mast top, the boat can be righted by slanted the mast for about 12 degrees. Like all my designs the boat is to be built in the (Ply)wood/glass fiber/Epoxy composite system


Here something different, have fun. My MaXi is a homage to the G32 from the Gougeon brothers. The hulls are, for easy of construction, Sharpie shaped, with some modifications at the bow. For best sailing performance the boat has centre/dagger boards. The rig has a boom system roll system to shorten the main sail. It is, as the mast, easy to build. For stability the boat has water ballast and a "wing seat" which is, in rest position a backrest in the cockpit. By sitting there the stability increase is bigger as with 200 L water ballast. The lifting device on the top of the mast helps to right the boat again. The inside of the cabin is comparable to my ECO 5.5.


Specificity (preliminary)

L.o.a. 8,0 m
Beam 2,44 m
Draft hulls 0,25 m
Dagger board down 1,10 m
Sail area
Main sail 15,00 m2
Jib 11,20 m2
Reacher 20,00 m2
Weight CWL 1000 kg
Weight empty 560 kg
Static righting
moment 1200 kgm
Outboard engine 10 HP


THE PLANS set consists of 24 dxf drawings and a short description lofting instruction, scandlings etc.

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