ECO 55 Power Cat Plans

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The ECO 55 power catamaran is an affordable DIY power catamaran. As the owner proved the boat is a capable coastal cruiser. The inside layout is the same as for the ECO55 sail version but the underwater shape is changed. The cockpit is wider and has a size of 1,45m x 2 m. With the bigger size normal deck chairs can be used. With a cockpit cover two more can sleep on the boat.

Accommodation is simple but practical.

Because of the easily driven hulls the boat will travel at about 12 knots with the a 15 HP outboard engine. But practice showed that a single outboard of 20 HP is more feasible - less noise and lower operating costs.

The boat has a double bunk, but the cockpit is big enough to sleep 2 more persons. The construction and list of materials is similar to the ECO55 sail version. The difference is that you need no rig, rudders or dagger board. With the low weight of about 325 kg including engines the boat can be towed behind a relative small car.

Construction is as always the plywood/glass/Epoxy construction system. The hulls are V-shaped with vertical sides - easy to build by a beginner. For cost estimation see the list of materials below.

  • All drawings are CAD drawings
  • Wood/epoxy composite for easy construction and low maintenance.
  • Fast
  • Sleeps up to four


16 Drawings: JPG or DXF files. +
Manual: 12 pages description (PDF)

A success in itself. Small but beautiful.
Easy to build as the ECO 55 sailboat
. The pictures shows 2 x 5 HP engines.
A single engine of 15 hp is more practical. Good accommodation for 2 for an extended holiday.
2 more can sleep in the cockpit.

L.o.a.-5.50 m
Beam-2.50 m
Weight-275 kg
Weight max. CWL-620 kg
Outboard engines 2x-5 hp
1x-15 hp

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