DUO 480 Adventure

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DUO 480 Adventure

The words: “Instant boat building” take on a new meaning.
Watch the video clip:

A flat surface is sufficient to build the catamaran. The boat is the open version of my successful DUO 480 Jigsaw, another of my parallel (biplane) rig designs. It is a perfect boat for coastal trekking. For instance, the boat becomes an overnighter with an Igloo tend on deck.

Here, shown on my Little-Tri.


L.o.a. 4.80 m
Beam 2.40 m
Empty weight 140 kg
Weight max. CWL 450 kg
Sails 2 x 8 m2 16 m2
L/B ratio hulls 1 : 13,55

The plan shows two options for the rig. One has windsurf rigs, and the other has a rig with a vertical mast furling system. Base carbon tubes are used. If you like, I can also attach the plan for making carbon tubes by yourself. A proven system. I used it many times for my DUO 800.

Photo DUO 800 in India.

To get the idea what you need, and can calculate the costs for materials here the complete list of materials.

And a link:

The DUO 480 A is a perfect boat for trailer transport. If you like, the boat can be disassembled for transport. Setting is easy. The hulls are light.
Setting up time? How much time you need to fasten eight nuts? A bit more time is needed for the trampoline. 

Many say maneuvering (coming about) of asymmetrical catamarans is difficult. Watch the following video. Showing a DUO 480 jigsaw mini cruiser.

No time? Watch from 3 min. 25 sec.
Never have built a boat? No problem, if you can repair a wooden chair you can build
this boat.


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