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  • DUO 900 Study Plans
  • DUO 900 Study Plans
  • DUO 900 Study Plans


DUO 900 Study Plans

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The DUO 900 is a quick-to-build, open-bridge catamaran with asymmetrical hulls. The boat was designed for a French fighter pilot who lived in Argentina. His goal was to sail from Buenos Aires to Marseille. Looking at the world's sailing routes is not easy, but he made it.

The boat is also easy to build for an amateur. We use plywood, glass, and Epoxy construction techniques, as always.
The boat is easy to trailer, mount, and dismount. Setup will take around one hour. Fastening the trampoline takes the most time.

The DUO 900 is a seaworthy boat with excellent windward performance. Because of the hull shape, no daggerboards are necessary. On a diagonal sea, the a-symmetrical hulls compensate automatically for the yaw, which makes sailing less tiring. The rudders are equipped with a vertical automatic steering. The standing height in the hulls is 1,82m. The boat is perfect for up to three.

Here a DUO 900 build in Italy

DUO 900 built in Turkey

All drawings are CAD drawings
Wood/epoxy composite for easy construction and low maintenance.
From the trailer into the water without set up time is quick.
Construction time about 900 hours!
Plans consist of 26 Drawings: .JPG or DXF files.
Manual: 22 pages description (Adobe Reader)

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