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6' 6" / 2.00m
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With a length of 6'-6" (2m) "Dingo" is our shortest boat weighing only 28lb (13kg). Easy to car top, easy to take to the water and back, easy to launch from the mothership without breaking your back. With a beam of 4' (1.20m) the boat is stable enough to stand up in. It moves swiftly across the water and is very maneuverable. All parts of the boat fit on two sheets of ¼" (6mm) exterior grade plywood. Nesting of all components is shown to minimize waste. Stitch and glue construction with 3" (75mm) fibreglass tape in epoxy along the seams inside and out. A small outboard not more than 1.5HP or an electric motor can be mounted on the transom. In that case the addition of emergency floatation underneath the bench is recommended. A bench for a passenger can be added in the stern or even better a full length transom to transom longitudinal seat can be installed. It will allow for better distribution of crew weight in order to keep the boat properly trimmed. If the boat is going to be used by two people then a second pair of oarlock sockets will need to be installed further forward. Maximum crew plus gear weight should not exceed 400lb (180kg). "Dingo" is a very suitable boat for fishermen, birdwatchers, nature photographers or as a tender of a bigger boat. It can be built for less than $300 CAD (2020).

Here is the bill of materials:

  • Exterior grade plywood 4x8' (1220x2440mm), 1/4"(6mm) thick - 2 sheets;
  • Fiberglass tape 3" (75 mm) wide by 6 oz. (200 gr/sq.m) - 25 yards (23 m);
  • Epoxy resin - 1/2 gallon (2L) plus hardener;
  • Others - bread flour, chip brushes, rollers, fairing compound or filler, paint, sandpaper;

The plans package consists of 3 pages of drawings (metric or imperial) and 28 pages of instructions with lots of photos. Plans in imperial units are set up to print on letter size paper at the convenience of your home printer. Metric plans are set up to print on A4 size paper.

LOA - 6' 6" (2.00m)
Beam - 4' (1.20m)
Approx.weight - 28lb. (13kg)
Max.payload - 400lb. (180kg)
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Additional Information

Metric & Imperial
Designer Name:
Alex Bogdanov
Length (range):
Under 8' / 2.44m
6' 6" / 2.00m
Length at Waterline:
6' 3" / 1.80m
4' / 1.20m
Hull Weight:
Under 85 lbs / 38.56kg
Estimated Hull Weight:
28lb / 13kg
Unloaded Draft:
Not much
Weight Capacity:
400lb / 180kg
Primary Material:
Marine Plywood
Method of Construction:
Stitch and Glue
Hull Type:
Hull Shape:
Flat bottom
Power Source:
Electric, Human
Horsepower Rating:
Built-in Floatation:
Unit of Measure:
Instruction Manual:
Step-by-Step Instructions
Lofting Required:
Recommended Experience Level:
Designer's Thoughts on Experience Level:
Very detailed work instruction with many photos. If you can use a jig saw and drill you can build this boat.
Boat Type:
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