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Free plans. To download the file, click HERE

I wanted to build a neat boat to play with the kids. I started to build a mini tugboat, but it looked like too big a project. I didn´t want to go bigger than one ply sheet in any direction - even building this whale is quite a project.

To get some extra use for the building effort, I had the idea to combine the boat and a teardrop trailer. The original idea was to build the boat for kids (or for myself ..?) so it had to look funny - at least it brings smiles to people's faces.

(click images for larger views)

On the water, this whale´s purpose is to perhaps go camping on a nearby island, or to take a drive with kids to a local ice-cream bar - only on very sheltered water and with calm wind! It´s not a boat that can take big winds and cross even relatively small open waters.

Here are two video clips: after I made these videos, I cut an extra hatch in front - it needs to be open when using the outboard motor.

The plans have also a sketch for a trailer. Check with your local authority to make sure that the trailer design is legal in your country. (This same trailer design can be used with Ocean Explorer.)

Check more info from these plans, they are free - have fun. HIIOIHOI!

Be sure to download the 3D pdf file!

If you feel unsure how some parts are assembled, you can open the model - hide some parts and found the part you were looking for.

Click HERE to download 3D pdf.

The 3d model works only in Adobe Acrobat reader! (other pdf readers may not be able to rotate the whale) First activate model with the left mouse button. (your firewall may ask you to you allow this content..) Then click the right mouse button and select full screen multimedia for better view. Then just keep left button pressed down and move the mouse. Try cad optimized lights for brighter view.

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