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7ft 7-1/4in x 4ft 2-1/2in x 6in
Stripped weight approximately 30kg/66lbs

Alby was designed primarily to meet the requirements of a high-capacity tender. The world is full of designs for 7-1/2 foot Prams, and you wouldn't think that there was a need for yet another example of the breed. However, the customer could not find exactly what he needed, and so a new design was born.

The main characteristics are: -

  • Stitch-and-Glue construction from pre-computed plywood panels. This allows the boat to be built without the need for a strongback, mold, or full-size lofting. The resulting structure is clean and un-cluttered, and can be built in a relatively short time. All components are bonded with epoxy and glass tape, to produce a stressed-skin hull with built-in emergency buoyancy;
  • High capacity due to the relatively wide hull and the way in which the chine lines run from high at the bow and stern down to a very shallow "V" in the middle of the boat. This maximizes buoyancy and initial stability, while retaining a deeper "V" fore and aft to reduce pounding in a chop;
  • Two rowing stations to allow for proper trim with different passenger loads;
  • External gunwales so that water, sand, and mud can be easily washed from the boat when she is rolled onto her side. This system dramatically reduces the labour required to install the gunwales;
  • The bow transom is relatively low in comparison with the stern transom - this is designed to provide adequate height for effective mounting of a standard-length outboard, and to help with tracking under oars;
  • Optional sailing rig, including centreboard and rudder details. The rig is a very simple balanced-lugsail of generous area - a set-up which gives excellent performance with minimal complication;
  • Emergency buoyancy built-in under the three seating positions. This volume can be used for stowage of light articles such as dry clothing.

Ross Lillistone's plans for alby include fourteen A3 sheets of CAD drawings and a six page instruction manual. There are two separate editions of the plans - Imperial and Metric - be sure to choose when you download the plans.
Free Study Plans: click below
Metric Study Plans for Alby
Imperial Study Plans for Alby


Thought you might be interested in a few pics I took (very belatedly I must admit) of the sailing rig I added to the prototype Alby 8' dinghy I made to Ross Lillistone's plans.

I have sailed it in 25kts+ & it is so stable that when maximum hull speed is reached, all it wants to do is bury the leeward gunwale & take on water if pushed too hard. Being unsinkable, all you do is keep a little pressure in the sail to keep the boat just moving while bailing it out. Very safe & fun boat for kids!... big or little!

Hope you enjoyed your recent visit to our fair land.


Al Burke


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