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The idea is not new, but the opportunity to build a small boat from 1 sheet of plywood is always intriguing. In this case, I wanted something that was, in this order, stable, easy to row or paddle, low cost, looked like a boat, and would accept a trolling motor for power. I did take the 1 sheet concept to it's limits by utilizing an additional 2' x 4' piece of 12mm ply for the bulkheads and transom. The finished boat will weigh less than 40 pounds, fit in any vehicle, and be robust enough for a 190 pound occupant. An optional extension to the rear module allows for a greater load capacity. As the layout shows, the CB is placed directly below the operator, and the pointed bow provides a smooth, efficient, water entry.


OAL = 87 inches
OAW = 31 inches
Height = 12 inches
Weight = 40 pounds
Draft = 4 inches loaded
Hull Speed = 4 mph
One Occupant
plus gear
Cost less than $100 to build

I am calling this a 'minimalist design', because it uses just the minimum of building materials, coupled with the T&G assembly process, to produce a lightweight, no frills, low cost, easy to carry portable little boat, that is strong where required, and can be assembled by just about anybody.

If you intend to run the rapids, then build another boat. But, if you want a single occupant little boat that is safe, lighweight, easy to row or paddle, then consider building The 1 Sheet +. You can even motorize it.

Can you stand up and cast bait? Probably not. But from a sitting, or kneeling position, this is a good little boat to get into those hard to reach places.

don't forget to visit www.PortableBoatPlans.Com for new designs and updates.

Happy Boating!
Ken Simpson, Designer

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