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This useful dinghy was commissioned from us by the magazine SAILING TODAY and features as a series of articles on her construction in the Feb, March and April 1999 issues. the magazine wanted a simple but attractive plywood craft to be built using stitch & and tape techniques which would be able to accommodate 2 or 3 adults and which could be used as a good sized tender, fishing boat and a dinghy that could be used to teach youngsters how to sail. There are several options including a central storage box running along the centreline in which the oars etc can be stowed. The plans show both daggerboard and centreboard options and we can give details for an alternative gunter rig with a jib. The hull is based upon our Highlander 11 design but in this case we have gone for a rounded sharp bow and a narrow flat bottom panel. Construction starts by attaching the centre box sides to the bottom panel giving a very strong central 'T' girder to which is attached the remaining hull panels and ply frames.

Today 11 Particulars

LOA 11' 3.36m
Beam 5'2" 1.57m
Hull Mid Depth 1'8" 0.51m
Draft 7"/3'1" 0.17/0.95m
Sail Area 65 sq.ft 6.05 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 125 lbs 57 kg
Hull Shape Multi-chine with 3 planks per side
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Major plywood requirements for hull 5 sheets of 6mm plywood
Guidance Use 3 adults rowing/motoring - 2-3 adults sailing
Drawing/Design Package 4 x A1 drawings + 7 x A4 instruction sheets

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