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a 15' 1" x 5' 4" Runabout


Length - 15' 1"
Beam - 5' 4"
Bare Hull Weight - (approx) 270 lbs
Power Requirement: 10 to 30 hp, short shaft outboard

  • 10hp to plane with 1 p.o.b.
  • 15hp to plane with 2 p.o.b.
  • 30hp to plane with 4 p.o.

Mia was the second design that I published, a 12' runabout, inspired in part by William Jackson's 1955 design for the 'Ace' which was produced by the Sande Boat Works between 1956 and 1962 (, and in part by the 1950's designs of Hal Kelly.

Mia has been a popular design and this has prompted me to produce this extended 15' version - Mia 15.

The forward section is essentially the same as Mia, the space between the cockpits has been increased, there's more space behind the rear seats and this design incorporates a motor well.

The boat is designed for short shaft outboard engines in the 10 to 30 hp range. Anyone with a basic knowledge of woodworking should be able to make this boat. Whilst this manual sets out the construction sequence in detail, the builder should have a basic knowledge of, and ability in, working with wood and epoxy resins and glass fiber. Before buying materials, or starting to build this boat please read and familiarize yourself with the drawings and construction manual. Bear in mind that the build sequence and method of construction can be varied to suit your preference.

Recommended Reading

Two excellent books on the subjects of boat building and working with polyester and epoxy resins are:

Jim Michalak: ' Boatbuilding for Beginners (and Beyond)' and
Harold Payson: 'Build the New Instant Boats'

The West System website also has several downloadable user guides and manuals relating to their epoxy resin systems:

Bill of Materials:

Marine Plywood:

  • 1/4" x 4' x 8' - 8 sheets
  • 3/8" x 4' x 8' - 6 sheets


  • 3/4" x 1 1/2" timber for gunwales & inwales - about 70'
  • 3/4" x 3/4" timber for support battens - about 50'
  • 2" x 2" timber for bottom stiffener - about 10'

Glass & Resin

  • 3" glass tape - about 50'
  • About 10 yards of glass cloth to cover the hull bottom and overlap
  • About 2 gallon of epoxy resin
  • About 4 pounds of resin thickening powder
  • Styrofoam or empty plastic bottles for the flotation

Note that the hull bottom is specified in 1/4" plywood in order to facilitate bending the panels at the bow. For heavy use the floor thickness can be increased by adding another layer of plywood, glued in place with epoxy resin.


It's always a pleasure to get feedback from builders and to see photographs of work in progress, completed boats and launch reports.

Kevin Strathy from Sebring, Florida has just completed a very nice example of my Mia 15 design. He reports that, "she handles fine" and says "thanks for a great first time builder project."

click images for larger views

Check out the detail in the photographs.

Here is a performance report from Kevin:

Out with my son for early morning fishing. Finally felt like my new Honda 4 Stroke 30 horse was broken in.

We opened it up in light chop. 31 MPH and handles just fine!


Kevin Strathy

Now that's what I call mutual satisfaction :)

Andrew Walters

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