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Here my next small outrigger/trimaran the TINY TRI. The hull of LITTLE TRI has proven itself to be fast, easy to sail, a good boat to camp on and yes seaworthy to. My goal with Tiny Tri is a bit different. The hull is again a sharpie hull. The changes are in the amas. These are a sort of big water skis. The are higher mounted and touch the water only when the boat is not balanced. The amas will be normally above the water. When the touch the water surface it will be at high speed and go immediately in plane. Producing the least resistance possible.

The sail is furled by mast rotation. Nothing new here. Normal the are sailed without a boom. The drawback is that the are not very efficient. Low booms can be dangerous. Never pleasant and can bet dangerous when hit by a boom.

So I designed again a wishbone rig. I am a favorite of these sorts of boom. The wishbone boom is high enough not to be knocked over. The do not need a boom fang or main sheet travelers to be set for any given wind angle. To have a sail which furles by mast rotation and a wishbone boom was the callenge. The solution is to mount the wishbone on a pole. The geometry of the wishbone shape and pole and gives a freedome of 58° to each side. The boom has an quick to set topping lift.

Sail Area is a modest 9 m². But still good for some speed because the whole boat weights only 65 kg!!
Construction as always wood/glass Epoxy composite.

The hulls are built on stringers. Not stitch and glue technique. 

The hull is 4 m ( 13' 3") long, beam 2.4m (7' 11") and weights 27 kg. (60 lbs.) So handling by one person is not difficult. The boat can be easy transported on a cars roof rack. Ama construction is the same as the hull. The akas /beams) are curved wood construction.

I use again one outside dagger board. They are not as efficient as a board mounted inside the boat. But in a worst case situation. Hitting an object hard an inside mounted board can damage the hull with all its consequences. The outside board can never wreck the hull and the boat brings you home in safety.

Construction time about 180 hours.

The akas are fastened with rope to the hull but with bolts to the amas.

Setting up the boat will take about 15 minutes.

Technical Data

Length - 4 m
Beam - 2.4 m
Weight - 65 kg
Draft (board down) - 0.8 m
Sail Area - 9 m²
Construction time - abt 180 hours
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