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This is another of my Mouse series of small stitch and tape sailing dinghies designed to deliver the most fun I can squeeze out of a minimum of materials and construction work. In this case the main constituents are three sheets of 1/4in marine ply and a quarter sheet of 1/2in marine ply, some lumber and a sheet of polytarp.

This one is offered in two rig sizes: 63sq ft for skilled teenage or adult sailors, and a 53.5sq ft option for intermediate sailors such as adults graduating to their first single-hander or a child trading up from an Optimist. In either case, I think this will be a sensitive and often tippy boat, and those who use it should be watched over closely.

Information on the scarfing, stitch and glue, and plastic tarpaulin sail-making techniques is widely available via the internet, as are sources of the main materials.

This design has been developed by an amateur and must be considered experimental. The designer accepts no responsibility for accident or loss occurring as a result of building or using this craft.

If you should decide to build this boat, please contact me at . I'll help you all I can, and in return I need photographs and feedback about the boat's construction and her performance.

Copyright Gavin Atkin, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 3NP April 2002

An email discussion group for builders and users of this boat has been created at:

This zip file includes:

  • a gif showing the lines
  • construction details in both gif and dxf forms
  • coordinates for cutting out the ply material for both hull and decking using a batten
  • a table of offsets for The Edge
  • this readme file

All drawings copyright Gavin Atkin, Tunbridge Wells, April 2001


142 x 37.5
63 or 53.5sq ft

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