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NOTE: The Version 2 of the Tenten 425 are similar to the original, but with a real roof.

A pocket cruiser for two, larger version of the Tenten 305/10, another Jester inspiration.
This evolution in a bigger size allows much more room and comfort in the cabin, while leaving enough space for a real cockpit. A single sailor may enter quite demanding sailing, with ample storages and payload.
Tenten 425 is designed to match the stability and safety criteria. (6 Beaufort, 2 m/6' waves). With a capsize angle of 130°, a rear beam, and the deck curvature, the boat is self-righting in all conditions.
The lifting keel has a simple shape lead bulb for easily molding. Junk sail - Fantail shape, interior steering in bad weather.
Stich and glue building on light frames and bulkheads, wooden mast and keel, Two bunks and storages.
CE classification C1/D3.

The plans detail all the parts and panels dimension, the parts nesting on plywood sheets, the keel and bulb profiles, the junk rig and sail, mast sections, fiberglass, temporary jig, and a complete building sequence in 3D.

Blondie Hasler Jester, Ostar 1964 configuration.

Inside steering and folding seat.

Stability curve, self-righting boat with the rear beam immersion.

Easy building upright on a jig

14' x 6' - 830 Lbs.

Sail area 11 m² / 120 Sq.Ft.

18 sheets of 8/9mm - 5/16 or 3/8 ACX plywood.

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