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The concept for The SWAN BOAT was inspired by Sharon Torregrosa, who designed & built her own Swan motif boat. This portable version includes an ample beam, good freeboard, generous internal volume and multi-seating. It is sturdy, easy to build, very portable and utilizes a trolling motor for power. However, it also can also be used without the 3 bolt on Swan appendages, and rowed, paddled or small outboard motor powered. It should fit in most suv's for transport, and all trucks.

After a couple of months construction, and the covid lockdown, launch time was approaching ! Another week of bad weather, some rain and high winds, and a doctor's appointment, but finally we made it to Saguaro Lake, about 20 miles from home. Unloading and prepping the hull took a while. I tested the balance and motor speed in the water prior to adding the Swan appendages, just to be safe. Then it was full blown Swan Boat trials, and the reaction from other boaters and those standing on shore was amazing. Everybody had nice things to say, and all were different, from “cute” and “pretty” to “where did you get it ?” And one artistic, “nice paint job”.

No question it will attract attention.

The water tests were short, but proved the overall hull design was right on. My only complaint was the beach chair seating, The seat needs to be raised up to a more comfortable level. I suggest a seat about 12 inches high. A single occupant will need to sit in the forward part of the rear module, with legs extended into the forward module. Two people seating should be tandem, as shown on the plans. The seat drawing was revised accordingly, after this testing.

The hull construction is basically the same as my other designs, but the wings and head assemblies are all new territory. The foam core laminated head and neck assembly took a while to determine exactly what materials to use, and the wings, made of Coroplast which weigh just 2 pounds each, could also be made of 3mm plywood, for those who don't mind a little more weight. There is nothing difficult in the assembly, just the ability to pay attention to the details is required. Modifications to the plans are encouraged, as long as safety is kept as priority one.

I am sure the SWAN BOAT will certainly attract attention, and each builder will take pride in their unusual and "cute" creation.

Happy boating!

Ken Simpson, Designer

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