Shenandoah Peapod Printed Plans

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15' x 46" / 4.57m x 1.17m 

Reasonable maximum capacity - about 500lbs / 227kgs 

Weight - about 60lbs / 27kgs

To inquire about a frame kit for this boat click HERE.

For Shenandoah Whitehall PDF plans, click HERE

Sadly, not my idea, but I was immediately enthused about the it, and the result is before you - The Shenandoah Peapod.
She is, as you might have guessed, a double ended Shenandoah Whitehall, using the forward half of her, for both halves of the peapod.
As requested, I stretched the Shenandoah Peapod to 15' (which can also be done with her parent boat), and decked over the ends for more comfort and to hide flotation foam.
The hull shape, it turns out, very closely resembles a slightly scaled up Rushton model 109 - a classic pulling boat that still has devotees a 100+ years later. My peapod is meant for rowing, with no compromises for sailing or pulling lobster pots, and she should be slick and fast. Her light weight makes her an easy boat to car top, and to launch and retrieve. And, with a boat as simple to get going as she is, impromptu rows or quick fishing trips will be still be inviting after many years.
Construction is straightforward, materials are inexpensive, and she should go together fast and easy, even for a novice builder.
Major costs would be a sheet of 12mm and a sheet of 6mm marine plywood, a few cedar boards, the fabric, half a gallon/2 liters of paint, a little epoxy and some stainless steel screws. There will be plenty of plywood left over for another boat.
No prototype, yet, but I don't see any difficulties and, in any case, I am always just an email away for support.
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