Seadog Stainless Hatch Spring

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This clever device is used for holding hatches open. You simply lift the hatch cover and let go. The spring snaps straight and holds the lid up without any effort on your part. To close the hatch, simply bend the spring into a "U" shape while closing the lid. The spring will be ready the next time you open the hatch.

Here is a picture of a Hatch Spring being fitted to the front hatch on our Ladybug dinghy.

The Hatch Spring has an internal wire that prevents the spring from being over-extended during normal use. Not recommended for applications where hatch will scoop wind while boat is underway and over-extend spring.


The "temporary" hidden swing stove idea has been working better than I figured it would. But, it still needed a simple way to keep that door from swinging around when it was supposed to stay put. Yep. Miss Cindy to the rescue again. She tucked these little spring thingies into the Pony Express rider's saddle bag, and had him gallop all the way up here to Almostcanada. Damn near overnight.

Those little springs hold windows and hatches pretty well too. I wonder if Chuck knows that they work for more than just swing stove-mounted doors? Maybe if he'd ever stop fooling around with that FB and Pinterest stuff, a guy could actually talk to him. Maybe?

Dan Rogers


Here are pics of the skylight hatch I used the spring hold opens on.

John Owens
J O Woodworks


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