Scarfing Basics

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Scarfing Basics is the latest 'how-to' book by boat builder, Russell Brown, since publishing Epoxy Basics in 2013. These books do not come into being casually. Every photo requires a good subject and what presented itself in the shop this summer was scarfing. There are often 'how to scarf' questions online and a wide range of opinions shared that can sometimes cause more confusion than real help. The builder is still left to pick and choose how to proceed. For Russell Brown, strong, clean, and accurate are the words of the day. This book describes the methods of the author in direct concise language and large color photographs. While there may be more ways to scarf plywood and lumber, this book is a great place to start and/or perfect your scarfing skills. Amateur and professional woodworkers alike will find a lot of good information and tips in this book for Cutting and Gluing, Strong, Straight, and Clean Scarf Joints in Plywood and Lumber, including making your own jigs for table saw and router.

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