Puck Regata Plans

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About the Puck Regatta and the Puck Cruise: The Puck Cruise version is a Micro class boat designed for cruising, more space for the cabin, the boat is wider at the waterline and it's a plywood construction (chine hull). It's a boat for small cruises with family or friends.

The racing Puck Regatta is a plywood Micro class boat designed for regattas, the hull is narrow and there is less space inside the cabin, which is required. This boat is similar to the Sam but it's a chine hull.

The SAM is not suitable as a cruise boat, even if a "Spartan" sports crew might use it occasionally also for this scope - as long as it is clear that its main purpose is that of a nautical camping boat, rather than a real cruiser. The PUCK 550 REGATA has been designed with the intention of creating a MICRO with a chine hull and therefore, realizable with the stitch and glue method in quite a short time, (obviously, we are always referring to months of work, not days or weeks) by boat builders who are not so skilled, which could be quite competitive and comparable with the best prototypes.

Obviously, a boat built professionally (with the best techniques) will have an extra margin but this should not impair a good crew from reaching a good position and competing with the very best. As for the chine, it is somewhat debated as to whether it constitutes a real handicap from the hydrodynamic point of view; however, the hull of the PUCK regatta type (which has three chines) is very similar to a round hull. The wetted surface is thus quite similar to that of a round hull. As for adaptability of the boat to cruising, the same considerations made for the SAM also apply. With regard to sail equipment for the three boats, we supply the specifications necessary to construct the mast in aluminium, but should one intend to compete in a regatta at top level, and prefer a carbon mast it is better to contact a specialist. We wish only to point out that, also in a world championship, many of the boats which compete for the title have aluminium masts and Dacron sails.

Length 5.50m
Designer: Paolo Lodigiani
Chine hull, plywood construction
Building Skills: medium
Micro Class

length OA 5.50m
deck beam 2.36m
displacement 480kg
sail area
main sail and jib
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