17'3" Kon Bot Puck Plans

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Not much has been written in the West about the traditional working craft of the East European countries but they had some fine craft and this is just one example of them. The KON was one of the smaller types of boat working on the Baltic around the Bay of Gdansk mainly in net fishing for flounder.

Puck is our update on one of these craft. We have developed all the plank shapes for simple stitch and epoxy construction using 9mm plywood. 13 sheets are required for both the planking and decks and frames. We have changed the traditional dagger or leeboards for a steel plate centreboard and we have retained the sprit rig used on many of these boats. PUCK may be fitted out in a variety of ways and she is big enough to take a small cabin. She is a heavy working boat and would normally carry around 300 lbs. of scrap ballast. Details of an outboard well are shown and we can supply drawings covering various changes to suit your own requirements. a transom version.

17'3" Kon Bot Puck Particulars

LOA 17'3" 5.26m
Beam 5'8" 1.73m
Hull Mid Depth 1' 11 3/4" 0.6m
Draft 10"/3'3" 0.25/0.99m
Sail Area 97 sq.ft 9 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 550 lbs 249 kg
Hull Shape Narrow flat bottom plank plus 5 planks per side - round bilge
Construction Methods Stitch and tape
Major plywood requirements for hull 12 sheets of 9mm and 1 sheet of 12mm plywood
Guidance Use 4-6 adults
Drawing/Design Package 3 x A1 drawings + 9 x A4 instruction sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans

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