Ptarmigan 15 Plans

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This is a new design for a Mr. Mussett who wanted a boat as easy to build as the Petrel design but which could be left on a mooring and occasionally trailed and which would be ideal for sailing the Blackwater. She is therefore an English version of the catboat type with a lower beam but still retaining the very stable sections. Construction is based upon simple stitch and epoxy fillet methods and takes just 12 sheets of 3/8’’ and 1 sheet of 1/2’’ ply. Space is provided for camp cooking and 2 simple berths inside and as with most of our other designs, she is both very quick and easy to make and also very adaptable. She has wide side decks which could be modified to give no side decks and maximum cabin width if you prefer. She could also be built without the centreboard but with a central ballast keel and bilge plates. LOD 15'; Beam 5’; Draft 10’’ and 3’; Sail Area 115 sq.ft. Weight approx. 650 lbs. excl. optional ballast of around 150 lbs. Details are also enclosed of the panel shapes for a 6’ version which we recommend. The hull details are also available for a 14'x5' version for use as a motor boat.
The plans also include a yawl sail plan.

Ptarmigan 15 Particulars

LOA 15' 4.58m
Beam 5' and 6' 1.52m and 1.83m
Hull Mid Depth 1'10" 0.56m
Draft 10"/3' 0.25/0.92m
Sail Area 115 sq.ft 10.7 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 650 lbs 295 kg
Ballast 150 lbs 68 kg
Maximum Headroom 3'7" 1.09m
Hull Shape Flat bottom plank plus 2 planks per side
Construction Methods Stitch and tape
Major plywood requirements for hull 18 x 9mm sheets
1 x 12mm sheet
Guidance Use 2-3 adults inland waterways
Drawing/Design Package 6 x A1 drawings + 21 x A4 instruction sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Bilge keels
Open version with bulwark and high peaked gaff yawl rig with jib on bowsprit
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