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Portage Pram Sailing Version Complete Kit

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The complete Portage Pram - Sailing Version - Pacakage includes all of the sub-kits that we sell for the Portage Pram. The online manual is emailed to you.

-Portage Pram CNC Plywood kit

-Daggerboard and Foils Kit

-Portage Pram Epoxy Package

-Full Sailing Package

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    Article in Small Boats Magazine

    Posted by on Feb 2nd 2024

    "My boat weighs 43 lbs, including a stainless-steel pad-eye for towing, two nylon cleats, two pairs of bronze oarlocks, and two watertight plastic inspection ports. Even as a middle-aged man, I find the pram easy to load onto my car’s roof rack or roll up a beach on a fender. Carrying the boat solo from car to shore is easy." "Getting in and out of the pram from a dock or a boat is like climbing aboard a large canoe. The pram can slide horizontally if I don’t place my weight in its center but overall is fairly stable. Due to its flat bottom, it rolls very little, especially when we climb aboard or adjust our weight while seated. When using the pram solo on flat water, I find it stable enough to stand up in. It can comfortably hold two adults, a full 3-gallon gas can, and a bag of groceries." "For such a small and light boat, the Portage Pram carries a substantial load and has the stability of a larger craft...the pram’s easy manners make going ashore elegant and fun." Read the full article at

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