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A lightweight solo canoe

13' x 27" {3.96m x 69cm}

Recommended paddler size: 200lbs / 91kg.

Weight about 26 lbs. {12 Kg}

For PH13 printed plans, click HERE

The PH-13 is a lightweight, easy to build skin-on-frame solo canoe. She's stable, comfortable and easy to use with either a single or double paddle. The PH-13 is multi-chined for superior handling and lower wetted surface, and has considerable tumblehome at the gunwales.

The tumblehome sides (the upper portion of the hull is canted inwards) offer superior paddling ergonomics, keep one centered in the boat, reduce knuckle bashing and provide excellent reserve buoyancy.

The PH13 has a comfortable (easy to build) seat, and room enough for camping gear, dog or child.

As always, plans come with full sized patterns for the frames and stems, and are well illustrated and complete with everything you need to know to build the boat. Dimensions are in both imperial and metric measurements.

Comfortable, fun to paddle and easy to carry and car top - the PH13 is a wonderful little canoe that is both inexpensive and simple to build.


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