Nordia 10 Plans

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This design is for a Norwegian who's brief was for a fast offshore and ocean cruising yacht which would incorporate an ample aft cockpit as well as a comfortable inside steering position with bunks for 5 to 7 people. The client is presently building the yacht and construction had to be both strong/modern and within the reach of the enthusiastic amateur. Speed and cost were also important considerations and therefore strip plank construction with epoxy glues was chosen because no fiddly boat building is required and the mould for the hull actually becomes part of the hull structure and is not wasted and leaves a clean interior where maximum space can be used for the layout. A cutter sloop rig was chosen for its speed and easy handling but the design can be modified to suit your needs as can the internal accommodation. The plans include lines and offsets but the offsets are given for the ply frames and therefore you can set the boat up without lofting.

Nordia 10 Particulars

LOD 32' 9" 10m
Beam 11'2" 3.4m
Draft 5'1" 1.55m
Sail Area 564 sq.ft 52.4 sq.m
Displacement 7.38 tons 7.5 tonnes
Ballast 3.05 tons 3.1 tonnes
Maximum Headroom 6'3" 1.9m
Accommodation 6 berths - dinette, chart table and internal steering in deckhouse plus galley and separate wc/shower
Engine 28 ho inboard  
Hull Shape Round bilge
Construction Methods Strip plank
Major strip wood requirements for hull 6560' of 1 1/8" x 1 3/8" (2000m of 28 x 36mm) Western Red Cedar
Guidance Use Ocean
Drawing/Design Package 10 x A1 drawings + 13 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Double berth forward with larger galley and wc.
Tabernacle for mast
Balanced rudder
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