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“Mouse Grande” is the last of the mouse family. As the name implies she is the biggest with most internal volume. Large cockpit with two small flotation chambers/storage compartments at both ends. Preference was given to stability. Anglers can stand up and cast. 8’ automatically means no splicing of plywood which is good for most novice builders. 8’ fits almost anywhere for storage even on the balcony. It’s also easy to car top without hurting your back and can be easily transported by one person from the car to the water and back. Last but not least it doesn’t cost much - less than 200CAD(2015) in materials. The boat fits on two sheets of plywood and is symmetrical on both sides which makes construction even easier. Bow and stern transoms for maximum use of space and stability. The paddler sits on a standard kayak seat for more comfort, low on the bottom but instead of paddling is rowing. The hull shape is similar to that of Happy Hour. A flat bottom panel for high initial stability, a bilge panel for additional support and reflection of small chop followed by a narrow sloped deck panel to increase reserved stability, keep spray out of the boat and stiffen sheer line area. Rowing this boat is something like rowing an inflatable only better. The rigid hull glides almost effortlessly through the water without being affected so much by the wind as is the case with most inflatables. The rear bulkhead serves as a perfect foot brace. The front bulkhead can be used for storage of fishing rods attached to plastic clips or simply inserted in PVC pipes bolted to the bulkhead.Included are drawings for a removable seat and oars.

Here is the bill of materials required:

  • Exterior grade plywood 4x8’ (1220x2440 mm), ¼” (6 mm) thick – 2 sheets;
  • Fiberglass tape 3”(75 mm) wide by 6 oz.(200 gr/sq.m) – 27 yards(25 m);
  • Epoxy resin – 1 gallon (3.78L) plus hardener;
  • Others – bread flour, chip brushes, rollers, fairing compound or filler, paint, sandpaper;

Plans package:

Plans package consists of 5 pages of drawings (metric or imperial) and 27 pages of instructions with lots of photos. Technical support is always available through e-mai. After payment is processed you will receive an e-mail with two PDF attachments - drawing and work instruction. Plans in imperial units are set up to print on letter size paper at the convenience of your home printer. Metric plans are set up to print on A4 size paper.

LOA: 8' (2.40m)
Beam - 39" (1.00m)
Approx.weight - 44lb. (20kg)
Max.payload - 280lb. (130kg)

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