Morbic 11

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Printed plans shipped and PDF plans emailed by Francois Vivier
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11′ classic sail and oar dinghy

For Morbic 11 study plans, click HERE

Hull length / waterline    3.35 / 3.18 m Sail area   6.5 m²
Breadth / waterline    1.52 / 1.25 m Design category / Crew    C2 / D3
Draught    0.17 / 0.68 m Building time    220 hours
Light weight (whithout/with rig)    68 / 95 kg    

Morbic 11 is a boat that comes in between Morbic 10, which is a tender, and Morbic 12, which is a small sail-oar dinghy. With this new plan, we wanted to design the minimum boat allowing an adult to sail alone. The other peculiarity is the strip-planking hull, while the other Morbic are clinker plywood. By strip-planking, I mean construction in strips of light thickness sheathed outside and inside. This gives a light yet robust construction, with the possibility of a fully varnished finish as the first unit beautifully built in Oregon by Gary Brown. See his blog.

The rig is a balanced lug, that is to say with a boom.  This allows a larger sail area than a standing lug (without boom) and therefore a better boat under sail. A lug sloop version is also proposed, using the same lugsail. Therefore, it is possible to have two mast steps and sail with either version.

On-demand, I may draw a spritsail if preferred.

The hinged aft deck allows to stow a good pair of oars and thus makes Morbic 11, like Morbic 12, both a true dinghy and a sail-and-oar for one or two people.

The plan package is very complete and comprehensive, including dimensioned drawings of all parts, allowing an accurate assembly, not requiring any lofting. The building instructions are illustrated with views of the 3D model of the boat as well as photos of the construction of the first unit.

Gary Brown’ blog

For more information, see the Vivier website

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