Morbic 8

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Small classic tender, clinker plywood built

Click HERE for a Morbic 8 Study Plan

Hull length / waterline   2.30 / 2.16 m Sail area   0
Breadth / waterline   1.20 / 1.07 m Outboard motor   3 hp
Draugth   0.17 m Design category / Crew   N/A 3 persons
Light weight   38 kg Building time with plywood kit   120 hours

Attention: this boat may be built only with a numerically cut plywood kit or with full size patterns. Due to the small quantity of required plywood panels, patterns are well suited.

Drawing     See photo albums

Morbic 8 was designed with the aim:

  • to be a graceful and classic tender, able to replace standard inflatables, with far better rowing ability avoiding the use of an outboard motor.
  • to be practical for today use, light, easy to haul on strand (flat bottom, two aft skegs, a breast hook acting as a handle) and as far as possible stowable of the cabin top.
  • and to be easy to build, in particular for a first time builder.

I first designed a small version, Morbic 8, which is made with standards 2.5 m or 8′ plywood panels. The first one was built by Marion Le Pache, who has already built some years ago a beautiful Aber. You mau visit her web site on Morbic 8 construction.

Then I was asked for a larger version, built with 3.1 m of 10′ panels. A sail option was also required and is now available on Morbic 10. A very attractive alternative to the Optimist. Morbic 10.5 is an ebnlarged version of Morbic 10, built with 8′ plywood panels.

All sizes are very similar. There is two rowing positions, according to crew. Morbic 10 is fitted with buoyancy tanks as required by EC rules. In both cases, it is possible to fit an outboard if you really need it!

It is possible to adapt size to the available room on-board your “main boat”. So, I am prepared to print polyester patterns with easily changed dimensions. Then, it is possible to get a tender from 2 to 3.2 m about. See bellow price for this custom option and get in touch to check feasibility.

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