Minuetto Crociera Plans

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Length 6.50m
Designer: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo Costa
Chine hull, plywood construction
Building Skills: medium
Minitransat Class

The Mini Transat Class was born from a somewhat crazy idea of organizing a solitary Transatlantic regatta on board a small boat of 6.50 m in length, with rating standards that gave designers great freedom of choice, with few imposing limitations (besides its length) and allowing free sail plan. As with many crazy ideas, even this one has had enormous consent and this class has gained considerable success; in the last period it has become popular also in Italy.

With time, class evolution has led to the development of boats which are more and more extreme, highly technological, open to design experimentation, reserved for very expert crews who love risk. The boats, however, have turned out to be quite safe, managing nearly every time to reach the other side of the Atlantic even when they were subject to severe weather conditions. This aspect, together with brilliant performance, makes this type of boat very interesting also for those who do not have a particular interest for risky challenges or for high level competition, but who rather prefer an enjoyable boat to use - which is fast and quite cheap.

It is this public we are addressing for our two Mini Transat, the MINUETTO 650 SPRINT and the MINUETTO 650 CROCIERA. The most evident difference between the two is the beam (3 m - the maximum admitted according to regulations for the fastest version, and 2.50 m - so as to allow transport with a trailer - for the more composed version) and sail surface of 38 sq. m. for the regatta version and 32.8 sq. m. for the cruise version. Also the MINUETTO SPRINT, even if it is able to reach exceptional performance and exciting glides, has not been conceived to compete with the very top of the class, which adopt much more sophisticated technical solutions, but at least to do well and give a good impression. Even the cruise version may take part in a competition class, fully complying with rating standards, but stands a few chances only under favourable weather conditions, with average-low winds and when beating up to windward. We would like to point out that the rating rules are very detailed and rigid as far as safety equipment is concerned and those who intend to take part in a regatta, obviously, have to conform to these standards.

In a certain sense, our Mini boats take up the initial spirit of the class without indulging in extreme solutions - which have affected the Mini Transits of the last generation. The keel, in both versions, may be lifted by means of a tackle manoeuvred from the cockpit. The lead keel bulb, which lies in a very low position, together with a water mobile ballast, allows the use of a considerable sail surface. The interiors are spartan but quite spacious and suitable for 4 people. The construction method adopted is the "stitch and glue" type with many fibreglass (or carbon) reinforcements in stressed areas: everything has been devised in order to be as fast and simple as possible and the system is suitable for amateurs with little experience, particularly if a final very high finishing level is not the main objective.

length OA 7.65m
deck beam 2.55m
draught 1.60m
sail area 32.80 m2

23 sheets A3
and material list

skills requested EXPERIENCE
construction method STITCH AND GLUE

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