37 Square Foot Lugsail for Nutshell Pram

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$320.00 - $355.00


37 sq ft balanced lug mainsail for Nutshell Pram and other small traditional boats.
- Vertical cut panels in 4oz white dacron (unless specified 4 oz Tanbark) 
- 1 Reef
- 3-layer rounded reinforcement patches and reef tack and clew patches, 2-layer diamond patches at intermediate reef ties
- Sewn reinforcement on all edges of white sails; sewn reinforcement on luff and/or laced edges and folded/sewn hems at other edges of Tanbark sails
- Lacing grommets on foot and head edges
- #3 nickel spur grommets at corners and reef tack and clew, #0 nickel spur grommets at intermediate reef ties and laced edges
- Wide, 3-step zig-zag stitching on all seams,  hems and edges; narrow single-step zig-zag stitching on reinforcement patches
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